Another Liberal Reporter Gets Freedom Confused with Fascism - Granite Grok

Another Liberal Reporter Gets Freedom Confused with Fascism

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These media idiots are not as dumb as we imagine. They are redefining the effort of people to free themselves from a smothering government as fascist. If they do it long enough, absent meaningful resistance, future generations will embrace their new meaning.

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The media has plenty of help.

ANTIFA has always been anti-fascist, but only to advance communism. Both fascism and communism are authoritarian ideologies. Much like corporate journalism, which (ironically) uses the first amendment to destroy the first amendment (and all the others after it). A profession that glamourizes authoritarianism if it’s the right sort. Just like ANTIFA.

These domestic terrorists passing themselves off as the truth squad keeping the government in check is precisely the opposite, just like Antifa. They say they are committed to fighting the threat of a particular sort of authoritarian rule without admitting they are advocating for its more extreme cousin, Marxism. 

An Army of Straw Men

Bret Stephens, according to this article at Bizpac Review, is one of the New York Times’ resident conservatives.  You would be more likely to find sheepherders and their dogs working on the bottom of the ocean. So this is an affectation. Political theater. A diversity hire minus the diversity. One of those ‘in name only’ things as a ruse to fool the rubes on the near right who think they will be in the boot instead of under it when the Left’s “revolution” gets what it wants. 

Stephens, like the rest of the fake conservatives, is trying to convince us, well, see for yourself.

“There’s no end of blame to be assigned to the Trump administration, to all kinds of people, but that aside, you have to sort of think ahead and say if the Great Depression is what gave us the rise of fascism and a certain chancellor in Germany, what is the next great depression going to do to our politics?” Stephens said.

“We were already moving in a populist/neo-authoritarian direction when the economy was relatively good. What happens when you have tens of millions of people who are out of work and desperate, not just economically but also politically?”

Straw meet man.

I think it is safe to say that Stephens has no clue, connection, or understanding of Trump supporters. Why would he, working at the NYT. His lens is that of a progressive corporate mule for Democrat Socialism, which is as close to fascism as America has come since the Great Depression.

What he leaves out in his comparison is that it was imposed upon free people by an authoritarian leftist. FDR, like his fascist predecessor, Woodrow Wilson, used war socialism to advance fascism. A model Hitler is said to have admired so much, he adopted it. Along with the eugenics of left-wing American progressives. 

The inference that Trump and his supporters were leading us in a neo-authoritarian direction is total rubbish. Trump is only president because his supporters stood up to resist the Left’s authoritarianism as embodied in tone-deaf politicians and the bureaucratic super-state. 

Stephens does note that the lockdowns could just as easily lead to worsening conditions as removing them. 

If he means to imply that the outcome regardless of which side of the coin lands face-up could be petty little Hitler’s blooming across the fruited plain, well, we’ve already got that. And they are nearly all Democrats.

So, if fields of fascism and its long-range consequences are what you fear, the solution is more liberty, not less, no matter what the cost. Free people will almost always make better decisions. I would say always, but if they did that, we wouldn’t have to worry about the little Hitler’s, would we? Officials supported and defended by whom? The liberal press.