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Denmark Reopened Its Economy and There was no Increase in Coronavirus Spread

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As we wrestle with the problem or reopening New Hampshire and the nation (faster/sooner), we have news from Europe. Denmark, which began reopening schools, daycares, and small businesses, has not seen a spike in the numbers of infected.

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“There are no signs that the COVID-19 epidemic is accelerating,” the State Serum Institute said, which is responsible for infectious disease preparedness. …

“There are no signs whatsoever that the partial reopening has caused a bigger spread of infection,” Danish scientist Christian Wejse told Reuters. “At least there is no indication that we are heading into another wave. That has been the concern, but I can’t see that at all.”

No waves in NH, even after rallies like #ReopenNH.

The majority of infections and deaths have come from the places you’d expect them in any flu season. And maybe the greater tragedy is that before this we never paid much attention to them. But long term care facilities and nursing homes are always shit hardest by the flu. The elderly and those at risk are most frequently the folks we lose each year to Influenza A and B, or whatever seasonal variants we experience.

The loss of lives or livelihoods that have come as a result of this political response is on the government’s shoulders.

As a people, we need to ensure that come November we make some changes. I don’t expect Governor Sununu to lose re-election. He’s still popular. But that does not make him right, and the Democrats in the legislature have proven that in matters such as this, they will not be an adequate check on his exercise of power.

New Hampshire’s RSA 4:45 gives the legislature, by a majority vote of both chambers, the power to end any emergency order.

But Democrats want more of it. They want it enforced. Police state style. Is that the New Hampshire in which you want to live?

We need a strong majority in both the New Hampshire House and Senate that will use that check to temper any future effort to hobble the state economy. And, if necessary, to rescind bad orders sooner or altogether.

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