Meet Schrodinger's Virus - Granite Grok

Meet Schrodinger’s Virus


I’m really starting to get rather cynical now. It’s as if the Government wants us to believe in two things at the same time – we have the virus and we don’t. But the result is the same. The government is voiding what I believe to be the Proper Role of Government.

The science side apart from all that (that we can never really know where Schrodinger’s Cat really is), from a political standpoint, are we ever really going to know where our Government is?  No, not in the physical sense (we know that) but the political sense?

Here in NH we have the “Live Free or Die” motto (“…Death is not the worst of all evils”). It’s not just a string of words put together to annoy the heck out of Progressive-Socialists like Chris Pappas(who obviously has “Freedom” (in the traditional sense of being free from Government interference) quite low on his importance priority list. It is a motto to be embraced and defended.

And today, as Grokster Ed has shown (the COVID-19 panic has been greatly inflated due to a really bad model that most Governments have followed) we should be clamoring our politicians – certainly here in NH – to start echoing that old refrain:

Let my People go!

Especially if after the cat, after the virus, our Freedoms become as fleeting as if it were as captive to quantum mechanics. No, we should ALWAYS know where our Freedoms are and not have to engage with a game of hide-and-seek with those that would just LOVE for them to disappear – and reappear in some unknown spot.

(H/T: Bookworm)