ReOpenNH Concord Rally MicroInterview with Anne Copp - Granite Grok

ReOpenNH Concord Rally MicroInterview with Anne Copp

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I forgot to mention in my earlier post that not only those valuing Freedom over “Health & Security” were showing up at the rally but the State Police showed up as well.

The first time was just before 11 am when two cruisers came zipping up and parked next to the State House. They got out of their cars (in full uniform, of course), looked around the plaza, and upon seeing only a coupla few walkers around, turned around, got back into their cars, and drove off.

Funny, though, at about 15-20 past 11, they came back at a bit of a faster pace – but less time on-site in scoping out the Plaza. Kinda strange – why show up BEFORE the rally but not during the rally?  At least, no uniformed members were walking around that I saw. I also had expected to see at least two Concord officers around even if only to make sure that the traffic flowed well (which, I didn’t see much of a problem).

Anyways, in addition to the State Police showing up early, so did some activists.  Long time activist and former NH State Rep Anne Copp deigned to spend a few minutes with GraniteGrok:

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