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ReOpenNH Concord Rally – MicroInterview with Elliot Axelman

Elliot Axelman

Elliot is the proprietor and blogger over at Liberty Block (where he did his own reporting of the Rally) He also ran for the NH House in a special election a wee bit ago (sadly, he was not the winner). He, too, like most of the attendees, argues his points against His Excellency (Gov Sununu)

Sidenote: His Excellency is an old term used as a title and honorific for the current (at the time) Governors of NH). While the Excellency at the time of the beginning of the Revolutionary War, a Tory, was persuaded to leave his office by staring down the barrel of a cannon located at his front door. Later governors embraced the ethos of our new nation.

that Liberty must always trump “expediency” or “safety”. He decries that Government has taken what it should not have:

And yes, as it happened with Keith Ammon, my mind went blank when it came to Elliot’s name. Once again, apologies.