ReOpenNH Concord Rally – MicroIntervew with Pam Ean - Granite Grok

ReOpenNH Concord Rally – MicroIntervew with Pam Ean

ReOpenNH - Free People make their own Risk Assessments

Even though I have known her for years, I didn’t recognize Pam at ALL at last week’s ReOpenNH Rally at the State House in Concord – I guess the Govt’s demand (and for more, more about commonsense on my part) to be masked up is creating an “anonymous” society as no one knows who you are. How does one trust someone that you can’t tell that you know?  But I digress:

Note: While I did these Micro-Interviews, like one tremendous activist pointed out, I was doing them with “folks of note”. I thought about that, and had to agree with him. I’ve thought about it more since and the only reason I can come up with is this – I know them. They know me and 1) they trust GraniteGrok isn’t going to screw them over by twisting their words.

2) It was also pointed out by a journalist that covers these kinds of things that he didn’t recognize most of the faces.  I started to look around and, well, he was right – these were people that I’ve never seen before as well as the kinds of political events we cover. And yes, I’m enough of an introvert that it is hard for me to just go up to folks (vast majority of times) and ask questions of them while poking their faces with a camera; I’m going to have to work on that – a lot.

But to #2 and those unfamiliar faces – if THEY were showing up (and our rough count was between 300 and 400) and they weren’t the “regular suspects”, AND leaning on the similar stat that only 1% of a radio talk show audience ever calls in, there’s a lot of room to “nudge” a whole lot of voting districts just a tiny bit come election time. We have a track record of doing exactly that.

Sununu and his staff ought to be taking note of those “unfamiliars” and start hitting the accelerator a whole lot harder in opening up the State. Appointing yet another “Blue Ribbon Commission” isn’t that – frankly, we at GraniteGrok could do in a day what will take them a few weeks to do. Would we be optimal? Probably not because of F.A. Hayek’s admonition that no small set of people can be the arbiter of 10s of millions of self-interested decisions made by consumers all up and down supply chains.

But one thing is sure – instead of Trusting Government to do the right thing (which, in this issue and at this time, we don’t as shown by current actions), we’d truly use our State motto of “Live Free or Die” and Trust our fellow citizens MORE.

Govt is now saying WE will take those economic decisions away from you – we DON’T trust you to behave according to our diktats.  Which leads me to my most favorite (in a wrong way) memes:

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.

Sununu and his Blue Ribboniers are making that a truism. We’d do the reverse (which is why we’d never be allowed to decide, again, making the above a truism):

The Bigger the Citizen, the smaller the government

In the hallowed words of yet another smarmy Leftist activist who has never had to work to pay for her own way but who would sum up the Government Firsters: “How DARE YOU” even suggest such a thing!