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Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Good

smirking trump

I’d like to take issue with President Trump’s totalitarian emergency, crisis, I am the King remarks. No. You do not have that much power. This is almost a bad as Democrats calling him a dictator then demanding he acts like one. Almost.

But claiming the authority of the President is total, when it comes to the emergent orders and states choosing to reopen is incorrect. And you don’t need to be a lawyer or a constitutional scholar. Proof? States that never closed. I rest my case. Let’s hope that is the last we see of that crap though I doubt it.

I will note that on his Administrations team, he does have the final say on any plan they make regarding a reopening strategy as far as the feds go, or with regard to federal money. Just ask Democrats. They love to use the trap of federal money to make states do things. And they just authorized a bunch of money. It has strings. Which is why we oppose these sorts of things.

So, that was orange man bad. Now for Orange Man good.

After Dr. Anthony Fauci addressed the press about the fake news du jour, Trump made a few remarks about how tiresome it is to constantly fight the MSM’s lie – then showed a nearly four-minute supercut video documenting them.

Keep in mind that this is being played for the White House Press Corp., during a televised press briefing. This is major league trolling and meant, I suspect, to put a stop to the endlessly annoying questions about timing and response, which the video lays out.

Did you hear the wailing?

Trump is using the briefings to attack the press and political opponents in the press. He’s using it to air campaign commercials. As if the media has not been doing the same thing to him? Every day. 24/7/365 for nearly four years. Which I’m fine with, except for the non-stop half-truths, lies, deceptions, and one-sided coverage.

They are not even shy about their partisan role, which is a pleasant change but they are still, well, to put it simply, stupid liberals.


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