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Instead of Answering the Question Dartmouth Democrat Follows Andru Volinsky’s Lead

In a race for a seat he has almost no hope of losing (except if there is a primary), Dartmouth College Democrat Riley Gordon has followed Democrat Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky’s lead. He has blocked an opposing political voice on Twitter

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Riley Gordon Block on Twitter

They were blocked for sharing my post about Riley’s eligibility? That’s not suspicious. Blocking people who share legitimate questions about whether you are even qualified to run for the office? Why not just answer the question?

Unless you are ineligible.

I guess this is what they teach you at Dartmouth. Someone challenges you and you shut them down. No opposing commentary, no debate, no answers to simple questions.

So, what is the deal with your eligibility? Before you can even corral all the out-of-state non-resident student votes you claim you need to win your primary (if there is one), are we ignoring the residency requirement for elected office now as well? Same day-voters who cast a ballot in New Hampshire then leave the state can also run for office without living here first?

Instead of blocking people on Twitter why don’t you just provide proof that you qualify? As a Dartmouth Sophomore, you’ve been going to college in New Hampshire for one year and some number of months. How unlikely would it be that you came here from New York City and declared residency in the first few weeks after your arrival? Got that NH driver’s license; plan to file your taxes from that New Hampshire address for 2019; even completed the 2020 census as a Granite Stater.

I’m sure that all happened. You’ve been an actual “resident” since before Nov. 3, 2018. Right?

Image: NH College