Beta Male Brian Stelter (D-CNN) Cries, Probably for Attention - Maybe Over His Abject Failures - Granite Grok

Beta Male Brian Stelter (D-CNN) Cries, Probably for Attention – Maybe Over His Abject Failures

Brian Stelter

CNN lies a lot, so odds are good this is total rubbish, but Brian Stelter took to the anti-social media the other day to overshare. He said he had cried. Based on how he has been behaving these last few years I’d think that less the exception and more the norm. But this ‘Cry’ had a more specific purpose.

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No, not for Argentina, maybe Venezuela, probably China, but no; according to Stelter, it was “for our pandemic lives.”

brian-stelter-cries for our pandemic lives

But now is apparently the time for  Stelter’s faux-crying. Wait, did he actually “crawl into bed and cry.”

My daughter used to do that. Maybe she should consider a career in journalism?

Useful Things

If there’s one thing a crisis helps clarify it is what we need. Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a brilliant takedown of Stelter and his ilk (modern journalism) as something we don’t. How in these stressful times folks like Stelter are dead weight.

Modern journalists, no more essential to life than scripted narrative engineers dancing as puppets on strings in boxes, are inconsequential. The true American story is not built upon celebrity; but rather grit, callouses and dirty fingernails.  Farmers, truck drivers, stock clerks and supermarket cashiers are essential; …dancing puppets, not so much.

Of all the things we need wailing man-children is not on the list. And based on the level of indifference to actual journalism in favor of full-on partisan propagandizing, ‘reporters’ like Stelter serve less than no purpose at all. But they think they deserve our attention.

Desperate and yearning for someone, anyone, to reaffirm their importance, the miserable and pitiful harbingers of irrelevance cry out in a desperate quest for meaning. Please forgive my frank and direct response, but apparently someone needs to call the baby ugly.

Good grief man, cowboy-the-f*ck-up.  You are not being tossed a pack of Lucky Strikes and told to storm the beaches of Normandy.  You have to wash your hands, stop touching your face and sit on your ass while keeping distant from the check-out-girl.  This ain’t hard.

Helter Stelter’s circumstances are certainly better than most. He’s got buckets of money, a high-end lifestyle to go with it.  And a non-essential job he can continue to perform nestled among his tear-stained pillows.

A place where he thinks we think, he means that journos are hating the lockdown and the rest of that. When, in fact, what they hate, is how despite three and 1/2 years of trying, and a fricking global pandemic, they still have not been able to put a dent in Donald Trump’s re-electability.

 If Stelter was crying about that, I still wouldn’t care but I’d probably believe him. 

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