The ACLU’s Remedy for Wuhan-Virus – Empty the Prisons! - Granite Grok

The ACLU’s Remedy for Wuhan-Virus – Empty the Prisons!

No. Really. I’m not kidding.

What about the public’s safety? Well, you are deluding yourself if you think the ACLU cares about the public’s safety. And you are hopelessly naive if you think that the ACLU is being ingenuous.

The ACLU wants to do away with prisons. They see Wuhan-Virus as a tool in that effort. More specifically, they want to argue, “see; wasn’t that bad. We don’t have to re-incarcerate anyone and what’s more we don’t need to incarcerate people who commit these types of crimes at all. And what’s more, since we don’t nee to incarcerate, we don’t need to prosecute.”

In other words, the ACLU wants to use Wuhan Virus to start us down the slippery-slope where we decriminalize conduct that the ACLU doesn’t think should be criminalized. For example, robbery. Not criminal … just the have-nots engaging in wealth-redistribution because our economy is so racist, sexist, homophobic and so not woke.

And check this out:

Yes, you read that correctly. The people who committed crimes and are serving prison sentences in prison? They’re not convicts or inmates or prisoners. No … they’re “residents.”