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So, YOUR Right needs to be paid by others?

Paid Rights?

Yeah….no. A perfect example of the Left trying to redefine the language by affirmation, slipshod usage, and most people not challenging the redefinition because of poor education.  “I have a right to this!” and “I have a right to that!” is common place in everyday parlance.

And it’s wrong. Second Amendment / Article 2-A enumerates Rights to self-defense: a Right to keep and bear arms.  In our early history, each man of military age was expected to own a serviceable rifle et al – at their own cost.

The full “discussion” here:

How can a right need paying for

And now almost everything under the sun has been declared to be a “Right” – healthcare, a phone, sometimes a car, and certainly housing and food.  I’m NOT sorry to say that NONE of them are “Rights” – they are Entitlements. To repeat myself, my Right to Free Speech depends on NOTHING from anyone else. All of the others that I just listed DO require that Government first take from those that have wealth / money to simply give to others. The “cover” is to call it a “Right” and that depends on the Big Lie – say it enough and people start to assume (and then believe) that whatever it is really is a Right.

And the Left is perfectly fine with that.  And feel free to tell each and every one of them “Up Yours!” every time they say it.

Otherwise, you need to pay for my next firearm – I’ll take a Sig Sauer P320 equipped with that fine red dot sight and suppressor that Sig  makes. So if you tell me that I have to pay for YOUR healthcare as a Right, fork it over for my pistol, you lying twit.

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