A definition of Socialism: "Moochers electing looters to steal from producers" - Granite Grok

A definition of Socialism: “Moochers electing looters to steal from producers”

Socialism takers moochers looters

The Left hates the words looters and producers in the same sentence in talking about politics – they KNOW the words are aimed at them. Of COURSE, they are – their words and actions (their legislation and their votes) out themselves.

And as those folks go further Left to Socialism/Communism, it becomes more obvious.

Why? They continue to undermine and infringe on one of our Republic’s main pillars: The Right To Private Property. How often have we seen taxes go up simply to take from those that have earned it to give to others that haven’t?

How often have we listened to Democrats, Greens, and Socialists plainly say that they are going to raise a given tax so as to effectively give it to others (often, their “pet” identity group who are, down the road, reliably voting for those doing the setting of that tax)?  Oh, they use those smooth words of “disadvantaged” or “underprivileged” or “underrepresented” or the “vulnerable” or the very worst: “Oppressed minority”.

And it always works only in one direction. That money taken from some to give to others IS (or was) Private Property).

How often do we see policies, regulations, and laws diminishing even Real Estate?  Think of changing zoning parcels that lower valuations.  Or like NH just did – stopped all evictions. Or WA did – landlords no longer able to pick and choose who they can rent to as they have to “take” the first candidate that meets their parameters.  How about the Government adding more and more regulations/ordinances such that business is more and more limited as to how they can run their businesses?

Special interests getting behind candidates that they know will use “the system” to take from those that actually produce wealth. The Socialists now are all about wealth inequality (“Fight for 15!” and “the 1% have STOLEN our money”). They WILL continue the effort, under rubrics like this, to take from the workers.

At some point, the wagon is too full of people that aren’t willing to do the work to push or pull that wagon along. That was part of the nuance of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she said:

At some point, you run out of other peoples’ money

And the Left hates that line, too, because it exposes them for what they truly are.

(H/T: Brass Pills)

UPDATE: Forgot I had bookmarked this:

Richard Piper (Property and Freedom): [W]elfare programs have made citizens more concerned with what the state gives than with what it takes.

Prof Don Boudreaux: And this dangerous truth holds for tariffs, export subsidies, and other forms of corporate welfare – even when camouflaged by the name “industrial policy” – as it does for cash handouts to low-income individuals and households.