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No Lockdown When Obama was President and John Lynch was NH’s Governor

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Back in 2009-2010 H1 N1 infected an estimated 56 million Americans that we know of with at least 12,000 confirmed Deaths. Obama was president and John Lynch was New Hampshire’s governor. Remember the media fearmongering, Crisisaurus Rex, and Lockdowns?

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No? You don’t? That’s because that didn’t happen.

No restrictions on crowds no closing restaurants, no shelter in place. Not much of anything, really. Sure it was in the news, but you could buy wipes, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper (pasta, rice, meat, dairy, water) whenever you needed them.

The biggest stories in 2010 were the 800-billion-dollar Stimulus Porkulus, ObamaCare, the Tea Party rebellion, and the epic November Republican wave election. Not Swine Flu.

In New Hampshire, by the end of the second session, Democrat majorities had saddled the Granite State with an 800-million-dollars in unfunded debt. The supermajority Republican legislature that replaced them in January 2011 managed to cut all of that from the state budget. But Liberal pastors were praying for spending. And John Lynch served his last term as governor before retiring from the gig after a pile of his vetoes were overridden.

Fast forward to today.

We have a Republican President the media and Democrats hate. New Hampshire has a Republican governor (but a Democrat-majority legislature). And with 100 confirmed cases and one death, we have Democrats screaming for a state-wide lockdown. To force everyone to shelter in place. 

To destroy the economy, jobs, futures, livelihoods. A cure that is far worse than the so-called disease. 

So far, that’s not happening, and Governor Sununu has stayed away from a shelter in place order but there is a ton of pressure to do it.  You need to reach out to Gov. Sununu and remind him, perhaps even weekly, that’s not what New Hampshire wants. Because, once in place, there is no going back, and the entire state economy will come to a halt. Many businesses will never recover, and thousands and thousands of jobs will disappear. Gone. No more.

Which is what the Democrats are after. A ruined economy favors them in November Elections. At least they think it does. And they are shouting the loudest for that result.

So, keep those Swine Flu numbers in mind as democrats continue to rant about COVID-19 when they had little or nothing to say back in 2009-2010.

We would need to see a lot more activity from this than that before we even considered more restrictions. And even then, it’s probably not a good idea.

In the meantime, turn off the local and national news. You’ll find yourself recovering from the panic almost immediately.