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Sununu – No Stay At Home Order Yet, In New Hampshire

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The Governor’s Press conference just ended, and there’s good news. Everyone is working to prepare for the worst possible situation. Everything seems to be going to plan. And New Hampshire is not yet issuing a stay at home order.

The Governor made the point that the infection numbers will go up. If you look at the math and daily updates for confirmed infections in the Granite State, that’s a given. As testing is ramped up, we will naturally find more positives even among people who are low risk with otherwise mild or moderate symptoms. That will also make the numbers go up.

And we have, sadly, had out first death – a 60-year-old man with other health complications has succumbed to the infection.

Again, the emphasis continues to be to know your limitations and act responsibly.

With that in mind, the Governor has not issued a statewide stay-at-home order. He is asking us to take responsibility for ourselves, our families, and within our communities. He is trusting you to ensure that we manage this without that last resort of government force.

On the plus side, this allows businesses to remain open, and people to continue to grocery shop and do day-to-day things that need doing. All with the understanding that if you have come in contact with someone who is symptomatic that you will self-quarantine and do your part to limit the spread so that the state does not need to step up and clamp down on everyone.

I think that’s the correct way to go but the liberal Mayors of Nashua and Manchester, Donchess and Craig, are asking for a statewide lockdown.

Other Democrats in state government are also trying to pressure Gov. Sununu into making that leap. So far, he is unwilling, but everything is subject to change based on day to day updates.

Please show your support for the Governors decision by being responsible, educating others, and letting him know you support his decision.