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Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste


The United States is facing a situation. We are calling it the coronavirus outbreak. But at least as important as the event is OUR response to it.

Democrats in Washington are rallying their forces to tie up a massive government relief package. The only reason they have for doing so is to push their partisan power grab. They are telling Americans SCREW YOU… we are what is important here. Nice… real nice.

People like commentator Mark Levin, Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Sen. Ted Cruz have gone on the offensive.  Enough partisan bull excrement is enough. They are absolutely correct to excoriate Pelosi, Schumer and their party. They have no business derailing efforts to combat the coronavirus. Pelosi wants to fund wind and solar energy… which has what to do with coronavirus?

Show me that you care…

Who cares how much they think Planned Parenthood needs more money. It is not related to the pandemic. There isn’t anyone who gives a rat’s behind whether they think the Green New Deal is the way to go. It is not related to the pandemic. Who cares about collective bargaining rights? If you are freaking dead St. Peter ain’t going to call your shop steward…

Who cares whether they want free college tuition. It is not related to the pandemic. Who cares about a Post Office bailout? It is not related to the pandemic. We have limited resources and a major life-threatening problem facing the nation. Look this is a political stunt which is costing people their lives. It is reprehensible. Shaheen, Hassan, Pappas, Kuster stand up and be counted.  Which side are you on? Are you with the people of New Hampshire or are you with the Democrat Party.

These things and the boatload of pork they want to stuff into the coronavirus bill are not related to the pandemic. The point here is: A politically inconvenient point is very different from a point where people are dying. But these partisan, power-hungry, self-serving, demagogues from the Democrat party… they just do not care. The Democrats see no difference. They are a failure of leadership. They are an inability to set priorities. The Democrats mean to gain control and do not care who they must kill or destroy to get it.

Do you care about power for your party of the welfare of your constituents?

They do not care about the bill. They do not care about their constituents. The Democrats would rather see you dead than to pass a bill that addresses the situation at hand. That is who and what they are. They are immoral, unethical partisans. May god have mercy on their souls, because no one else will. And may he do it soon.

Here’s Levin’s take:
“Pelosi’s poisonous politics feeds the Wuhan virus. She’s exploiting this crisis to advance her radical agenda,” Levin wrote. “She must be exposed and condemned for the diabolical huckster that she is.”

Levin’s post came after the California Democrat made the announcement the House would be working up its own aid bill. Senate Democrats are blocking a massive aid package from passage Sunday night. Pelosi had tried to insert abortion funding into the first coronavirus stimulus bill. Any deal cooked up by the House will push the Leftist agenda. It could not pass in normal legislation and should not pass now.

What will be in the bill besides delay and callousness?

It’s unclear what exactly will be in the House Democratic package. There will be a tip of the cap to coronavirus. But the bulk of the bill will promote their “ideas.” Look for them to use the urgency of the coronavirus to achieve broader, long term policy goals like a massive infrastructure deal.

Pelosi & Co. have already shown they have no compunction about using the coronavirus crisis. They plan to leverage the misery of the American people. Their aim is to achieve goals they couldn’t in the normal course of American democracy.

Look if the democrats want to kill more babies why don’t they just say so. If they want to kill more babies they could write a bill requiring those wanting an abortion to be infected with the coronavirus. That way they can get a twofer. Or maybe they should pass a bill declaring it legal to punch pregnant women in the stomach. Hey, they want people to die. Don’t get squeamish on me here. Let’s pass some legislation that will do the job.

It’s the Party Line Comrade…

The party-line position here makes this absolutely clear. There can be no bill that does not cede control of the nation to this socialist cabal. Their impeachment without due process failed. They will miss no opportunity to seize power by whatever means necessary. The ends justify the means. It matters not at all who or how many must die for the Party. Party Uber alles!

The political failure to move forward continues to shake financial markets. It threatens an ambitious timeline set by the administration and leading Republicans. They are trying to move the rescue package through the Senate and enact it. In voting to block action Democrats risk a political backlash. Clearly they are obstructing progress on a measure widely regarded as crucial aid for desperate Americans.

Levin noted on Twitter, Democrats are willing to pay any price if it means their agenda advances. “People are sick and dying and Pelosi is playing games. Apparently the TRILLIONS the Republicans want to spend isn’t enough,” he wrote. “Sickening.” Democrats never let a crisis go to waste and they don’t care if you die as long as the party gets ahead.