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Creepy Uncle Joe on Social Security and Medicare

Creepy Uncle Joe on Social Security and Medicare.

Where is creepy uncle Joe on social security and Medicare? Many Americans count on Social Security to help them make ends meet.  They worked their whole lives, getting taxed for SS. Don’t they have an expectation of having a ability to be able to receive benefits in retirement?

The leftists intentions for entitlements

What will the Democrats do with Social Security and Medicare? Creepy Joe Biden will destroy both in very short order. The worst part is he won’t even know he’s doing it. Biden may be a nice person but he is having memory issues. He seems to be losing his edge mentally.

It’s no secret the left’s platform is to increase benefits for non-Americans. They want to create as many social programs as they can come up with. It is basic Cloward and Piven. To pay for them they will tax you and me into oblivion.

They don’t like to admit it but they will also cut back on things like Social Security.  They will have to in order to expand the programs to non-Americans. It seems like Democrats care more about helping non-Americans than Americans.  People who worked all their lives with the expectation of a certain level of benefit will get the shaft.

Shouldn’t we take care of Americans first?

Are you willing to support health care for non-Americans during the debates? The Democrat candidates were asked the question during the debates. Creepy Uncle Joe Biden raised his hand as willing to support this.
Biden wants to raise taxes.  Yes, he said it himself. That will hurt America’s seniors.

With $23 trillion in existing debt: Do you think America can really afford that? If the added taxation kills the economy: Do you think senior citizens can survive a Joe Biden presidency or will the elderly become okay to euthanize? It’s basic eugenics. Everyone must create more value than they consume. If not you become a candidate for elimination.