Buh-Bye - Liz Warren Drops Out! (Does she endorse Bernie or Biden?) - Granite Grok

Buh-Bye – Liz Warren Drops Out! (Does she endorse Bernie or Biden?)


The Warren campaign has come to end. Elizabeth Warren has decided that she has no path to the nomination (which is true) and is aborting her run for President.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is dropping out of the 2020 race on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

Warren will inform her staff of the decision on a call Thursday morning. The moves comes after a lackluster performance on Super Tuesday, which saw the Massachusetts Democrat fail to win a single state and a third-place finish in her home state.

We’ve no idea whom she will endorse but the trend suggests the party is pushing her out to endorse Biden. Otherwise, the party would be pushing her to stay in and steal delegates from Bernie.

I predicted she would be out this week, but with Sanders not doing as well as some guessed on Super Tuesday it made more sense strategically (at that point) for the establishment to prop her up to weigh him down. Give Biden a better chance to collect enough delegates for the first convention floor vote.

Given that she has pulled the plug, someone offered her something if they win, though that could just as easily have been Bernie.

Flip a coin, but I’m guessing she’ll get behind Biden. He has more momentum and her party is pulling hard for him. Warren’s not that brave.