When You've Lost the Nomination to Somone Who Doesn't Know Where He is... - Granite Grok

When You’ve Lost the Nomination to Somone Who Doesn’t Know Where He is…

Bernie loses to Biden

It will be quite fun to watch the Presidential Debates. If, as Joe has said, he and Bernie share common ideals, but he can’t remember what they are,  Trump can twist him into knots over what he has said and hasn’t.

The deal will be done.

Democrats, including those with bylines, will try to be apologists for Biden. Make more stuff up out of thin air. While the electorate will be behind Trump even after getting hit by this Black Swan event.

In fact, those self-same pundits were saying that the race was Trump’s to lose but ONLY if no Black Swan event surfaced. Well, coronavirus happened and despite all the sniping of the stuck-in-the-usual-political-straightjacket-thinking, Trump’s proving that his outside-of-politics thinking is cutting most relevant governmental red-tape and getting things done.

The voters don’t care that the Democrats and media say that calling Covid-19 by its more popular names (e.g., Chinese Flu, CCP Flu, Kung Flu) is racist – Normals don’t care. They care about how the actual issues are hitting their families, their careers and jobs, and their bank accounts.

And given that Biden has already plagiarized much of his coronavirus mitigation plan from Trump’s, there’s not much Biden can run on given it is clear how Left he’s gone. And we on the Right will remind people how far Left this former “moderate” has gone.

‘Cuz it might as well be that Biden doesn’t and won’t remember.

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