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ACLU-NH Celebrates Letting Human Beings Die Because it is Politically Convenient


The ACLU of New Hampshire used to be good for something. Free Speech. That was about it. And then they threw their lot in on preferred pronouns. Compelled Speech. What’s next? How about being born alive no longer entitles you to civil liberties?

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No Human rights. No Natural rights. Once protected by that thing to which we all belong. Government. Created (at least in America) for the sole purpose of defending our natural rights.

Well, the self-proclaimed defenders of your Constitutional Rights, the ACLU, opposed New Hampshire’s Born Alive Protection Act. A bill that attempted to secure health care for the youngest women, and anyone one else, born alive, even if the intention was to kill them before that.

Grok author Beth Scaer summarizes it for us.

If the baby was born too early to survive or had other life-limiting medical issues, it would still be OK not to give medical care. But if the baby was just premature and needed to go into NICU, then there would be a penalty for not doing so. Currently, there is a federal law that doesn’t have penalties.

This sounds sensible and decent but the liberty defenders at the ACLU-NH worked hard against it and the Democrats (and a few Republicans) in the New Hampshire House killed it. And they are proud. (screengrab)


So, according to the ACLU of NH being born alive no longer affords you civil liberties and moms and their doctors can just decide to ley you die. That begs a critical question.

Is this it for the “goalpost-moving” or should anyone who survived birth be concerned about being denied healthcare out of partisan political convenience?