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And They Would Know: WaPo says Every Dem is Running to the left of Obama


The traditional race for public office looks like this. You have an establishment candidate, a more extremist one, and an outsider. If you can own your “lane” you can win. The Democrat field’s biggest problem is everyone is an Extremist and only Sanders is close to the correct lane.

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But even Bernie has issues. He’s the extremist and the outsider but he’s also a socialist and a millionaire. Biden is running to the left of Obama and he’s a millionaire. Warren is a millionaire running to the left of Obama alongside Bernie but she’s not Bernie (both of whom claim to hate an unjust world that allows people to be millionaires). Mayor Cheat is to the left of Obama and he’s pretending to be the establishment guy (now that Biden is doomed). And Klobuchar sings the centrist song but on paper, she too is left of Obama.

And if it matters Obama used “being the left-wing President” to turn himself and his wife into multi-millionaires while most of America suffered a chronic economic malaise under his boot.

Field of Marxist Dreams

We still have the three lanes but everyone is running to be the candidate the tin-foil-hat-primary left will choose without any consideration of the problem that creates. How the hell do you pivot to a centrist general election run after swimming in such ‘Blue’ water?

You Don’t.

James Carville is exacerbated. And even the Washington Post where “Journalism Dies right before our eyes” has to agree because “every major Democratic candidate is running on an agenda to the left of Mr. Obama’s.”

That’s not anywhere near the middle.

Whatever else WaPo is up to hardly matters. They let the horses out of the barn and we see that they are all running hard left. Pretending one or two of them are not will be the focus of their unbiased “reporting” from now until November. We can add most if not all of the media to that task, including what passes for the media in New Hampshire, which might be why you are reading this.

We’re honest about our pro-constitutional bias and with that out of the way we can exert our energy on filtering the world, and everyone else’s “reporting” through that lens.

Most politicians are suspect, Democrats more than others. This crop of Left-Wing Presidential aspirants is by far the worst. And even Democrats and their media stenographers know it. 

While it rare for us to say this, we think, in this instance, you should believe them.

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