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Democrats Seek to Add “Climate Science” to the Definition of an “Adequate Education”

Greta Thunberg

My sense is that if you pick a random Republican activist off the street and ask him or her why the Democrats oppose school-choice the response will be something like: “The teachers’ UNION; the UNION; they only care about the UNION, … ” My short response: WRONG. This is primarily why:

That is, Democrats oppose school-choice primarily because they understand that he who controls education controls the future. Stated a bit differently, give children no choice but to attend public schools, indoctrinate them so that they believe the #ClimateHoax [and whatever other “wokeness” is in vogue] is real … and how do you think they’ll all vote as soon as they turn eighteen?

Memo to the GOP: when you respond to the Democrats’ attacks on school-choice with: “… the teachers’ UNION; the UNION; they only care about the UNION, … ” it sounds like you primarily see school-choice as a way to bust unions. And it’s so unnecessary … the United States Supreme Court in Janus said nonunion workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions. You’re fighting a battle you’ve already won … and missing the fight you should be waging.

Maybe lay off the Koch-Kool-Aid and stop treating unions as the enemy … like Trump did … you know the guy in the White House who got there by convincing union workers all over the Rust Belt that he was on their side?

As State Senator Ward correctly opined, the “climate science” the Democrats want to add to the definition is undoubtedly INDOCTRINATION. While not identified, I believe that the bill in question is House Bill 1635. Which reads as follows:

  • AN ACT requiring CLIMATE education in grade and secondary schools.
  • Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:
  • 1  New Section; Education; Instruction in CLIMATE Change.  Amend RSA 189 by inserting after section 11-d the following new section:
  • 189:11-e  Instruction in CLIMATE Change.  The following curriculum is identified and shall be included in each child’s public education:
  • I.(a)  PreK-3rd grade: 2 hours of CLIMATE education.
  • (b)  Fourth-6th grade: 4 hours of CLIMATE education.
  • (c)  Seventh-8th grade: 8 hours of CLIMATE education.
  • (d)  Ninth-12th grade: at least 10 hours of CLIMATE education or one full semester of an environmental education course.
  • II.  Education shall include:
  • (a)  Anthropogenic causes of CLIMATE change.
  • (b)  Effects of CLIMATE change on New Hampshire.
  • (c)  Species affected by CLIMATE change in New Hampshire.
  • (d)  Coastal impacts of CLIMATE change.
  • (e)  Changes in weather patterns.
  • (f)  CLIMATE change impacts locally and globally.
  • (g)  Alternatives to fossil fuels.
  • (h)  Maximizing energy efficiency in homes and schools.
  • (i)  Information about careers in solar, wind, algae, hydrogen power and other developing innovative energy sources.
  • (j)  STEM activities that include problem solving, social concerns, energy engineering, invention, installation, maintenance, literary, and informative performance opportunities
  • 2  Effective Date.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2021.

Don’t give me this indoctrination in quotes B.S., NHPR. This is clearly the “world is going to end in [fill in the number] years unless we give up fossil fuels and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH” #ClimateHoax propaganda the Democrats are constantly spewing in order to provide a rationale for passing their Socialist policies.

This is why we fight and they fight over education, Republicans. They fight to create a public school monopoly in order to use public schools to indoctrinate the Democrat Party platform and to turn children into future waves of Democrat voters. We fight to prevent that from happening. We do that by … needless to say … fighting against legislation like this, which would make Fake-Science part of the public school curriculum, AND by fighting for school choice to give parents control over where, what and how their children learn.

Another thing: I am concerned … especially with 2020 being an election year … that His Wokeness, Governor Sununu will NOT veto this bill out of fear that the Democrats will attack him as a “climate-denier.” Indeed, I would not be surprised that many of his apparatchiks … to whom I refer as his kiddie-corps … believe in this woke nonsense AND believe that it would help His Wokeness politically to NOT veto. Call the Governor’s office and let him know that you want this indoctrination vetoed.