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There Has Been A Lot of Progress “At the Border” Thanks to Trump

Illegal alien caravan

When was the last time you heard about another “immigrant” caravan headed up to or through Mexico? April 2019, give or take. What happened? Trump happened.

I don’t, by the way, listen to Rush Limbaugh, my liberal friends. There’s this presumption among Democrats who are obsessed with CNN and MSNBC that we too are sequestered in covens of rage worshipping the verbal pustulence of media icons and talking heads.

I have heard him, and I read him now and again, but I’ve seen and heard more of Tom Steyer in the past year (for comparison). Yesterday, however, an email reminded me of what we already knew but had not talked about for a while. Things at the Border are vastly improved.

Headline:The Under the Radar Progress at the Border.”

Immigration. Have you wondered what became of the caravans? There was a period of time last year where you couldn’t open a newspaper, turn on cable news without hearing about all these gigantic caravans, massive numbers of Central American people fleeing their native countries trying to get into the United States. The Democrats were out there showing pictures supposedly of Trump putting kids in cages. The pictures were actually from 2014 during the Obama administration.

What’s different? What happened? It wasn’t a wall.

Catch and Release ended. You can’t come here, turn yourself in, and because of the overwhelmed system, get assigned a distant court date for which you will never appear because we have to release you into the country to wait.

In the old days catch-and-release would result in the people being caught being released into the interior of the country to get lost, to then take up residence in the, quote, unquote, shadows and to be part of this mysterious numbers of millions supposedly someday seeking amnesty.

That was the left’s policy. Create an attractive option to show up and bide your time until Democrats passed sweeping amnesty. There are millions of illegals floating around now waiting for us to give them drivers licenses and taxpayer-funded services (and defacto citizenship) but that number is not growing. The mechanism for expanding the left-wing electoral sleeper cell of illegal aliens has been shut off, at least for now.

Remain in Mexico.

 It means anybody from Central America, El Salvador, Guatemala, traveling through Mexico to get here stays in Mexico. In Mexico is no longer sending them north without obstruction. And this program, the Remain in Mexico program has sent 60,000 illegal aliens back to Mexico where they are awaiting immigration hearings, not here in the United States.

The caravans ended. The pressure is off. The number of illegals getting caught and returned has fallen off a cliff because the reward is no longer worth the risk. 

Mexico, you could say, they’re doing more to solve illegal immigration finally than Congress is. And you haven’t heard a word about it. The president’s having successes like these in an election year, and you’re going to be hearing about this as the days and weeks, months unfurl.

We still have an illegal entrants problem. There are always internal enforcement issues. And Democrats are still working narratives and legislatures to activate the mass of people already in-country. But it is not because they care about people. If that were true, they’d have never encouraged them to risk their lives trying to get here. Put others at risk to human trafficking, drug addiction, or as tools of cartels. 

For the millions that made it to advance a left-wing political strategy, how many had to die? Trump’s policies are saving more than just one life. Democrats don’t care, and that’s the point that should matter.

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