Socialism Couldn't Save the Glaciers Even if They Needed Saving (But it Will Ruin America) - Granite Grok

Socialism Couldn’t Save the Glaciers Even if They Needed Saving (But it Will Ruin America)

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One of my favorite stories from 2019 came out of Glacier National Park. The “government’s official position” per the experts in Montana was that by 2020 the park would be glacier free. When it became apparent that it was a lie, they quietly changed signs and displays.

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To some uncertain future. Science rules! It would have been more honest to suggest that their funding has some uncertain future if they didn’t parrot the progressive climate dogma.

And what if the glaciers never go away? That’s the beauty of “settled science.” It’s Climate Animal Farm. These are the rules. You shouldn’t question them. The elites may modify them from time to time to ensure their hold on authority.

It’s for your own good.

Efforts to debate this will result in more desperate and shrill about the prophesied doom whose only cure, for the record, is socialism.

That’s damn convenient. 

A 21st-century medieval church, preaching climate chaos if we do not tithe and perform the penance they demand. 


The only thing socialism saves you from is your own property and personal choices (liberty, freedom) about everything. And for good measure, the state will provide reeducation and (where needed) punishment. Don’t you see the signs?

Signs that keep changing like the rules on the side of Mr. Jones’ barn. 

If you are looking for an emotion, because no one seems to care about the facts, they are lying to your face to justify state-sanctioned theft. If you dare to challenge their lies, they abuse you and call you names. Excommunicate you.

Do you sincerely believe these same elites (who are wrong about everything, especially the science) won’t misuse biology, psychology, or any other anything to impose their will upon you as the need arises?

The example provided here regarding Glacier National Park is amusing but the underlying force behind it should not be dismissed. The debate was never about science; it was always about politics and economics.

The planet is fine. You are not a threat. An economic redistribution to a socialist system, arriving on the back of fearmongering climate doom, is the danger.

Your climate lover is cheating on you. Kick them to the curb. Free-market capitalism is not perfect, but it has freed more people from poverty than any other in history. It is also, and they’ll never admit this either, proven to be better for the planet using their metrics.

Here’s a review of the before and after at Glacier National Park