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Glacier National Park forced to Admit – The Glaciers Won’t Be Gone by 2020

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For years the caretakers at Glacier National Park in Montana have been peddling a lie. Signs around the park, literature, and even video presentations told visitors their glaciers were rapidly melting. One large display said, ‘Gone by 2020.’  The Glaciers had other ideas.

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In recent years the National Park Service prominently featured brochures, signs and films which boldly proclaimed that all glaciers at GNP were melting away rapidly. But now officials at GNP seem to be scrambling to hide or replace their previous hysterical claims while avoiding any notice to the public that the claims were inaccurate. Teams from Lysander Spooner University visiting the Park each September have noted that GNP’s most famous glaciers such as the Grinnell Glacier and the Jackson Glacier appear to have been growing—not shrinking—since about 2010. (The Jackson Glacier—easily seen from the Going-To-The-Sun Highway—may have grown as much as 25% or more over the past decade.)

Not to be undone, the Park reportedly continues to profess that “the glaciers are melting!” which is not a lie. They melt for three months every year. And then stop. and since 2010, they’ve been growing.

Which is underreported good news! Because while local and national media have ignored this resurrection,  11 years and a few months from now (when the Left’s prophesied Climate apocalypse arrives), we’ll still be able to go to Montana and see these Glaciers. We’ll have to walk to get there, but once we arrive, it’ll be grand!