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Oscar Woes – Not Enough Left-Handed Albino Lesbian Nominees for Best Score

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The Oscar’s announced their nominees, and no one who matters cares. So, why bring it up? Because the people who do matter, us, need to pay attention to the people who think they matter, them. How they behave tells us a lot about the political elites with whom they rub elbows.

Institutionally all media leans left. Far-left. What triggers them is indicative of the future they have planned. That’s all we need to know. Everything else about the award season, especially the Oscars, is bulls**t. Nominations and awards are bartered, bought, and paid for like any other commodity. The deal-making would make the average so-called corrupt robber-barons of industry look like pikers. 

In other words, it’s a popularity contest among insiders (plagued perception politics) competing to see who can virtue signal the most.

The pre-revolution French Monarchy would probably find them overly self-indulgent and offensive.

Another Year, Same Problem

As with every Oscars, identity politics matters. If there were 500 movies made and only two had female directors, even if they sucked, the Academy is expected to nominate at least one of them. Why? Because the industry should have hired 250 female directors, half of whom should be minorities or lesbians (preferably both) even though there might not be 250 women who want to direct or could pull it off (or pretend to be lesbians).

I’m not saying there aren’t that many this is just an example, as is the headline. It’s obvious that left-handed albino lesbians are grossly under-represented in media and entertainment, if only because there are none. But that’s no excuse.

This is make-believe. These people lie for a living. So, pretend Dammit! And they Do!

A cabal of millionaires acts like they know things or care about things, but in the end movies are a business. THey want to make money. People invest many hundreds of millions annually for what amounts to a handful (if that) of feature films that are entertaining. If they make money they don’t care.

And if history is any guide, the Oscars have no connection whatsoever to what entertains.

The cool rich uptight joiners get together to kiss each other’s backsides and “act” like this is about honoring entertainment icons. If it ever tit was that ship sailed, crashed, burned, and sank. Now it’s about virtue signaling or, bitching about there not being enough of that. While everyone knows it’s really about making insane amounts of money and pretending your normal.

Here’s a hint. Ordinary people don’t care about the Oscars except to make fun of them.

If only they’d let Ricky Gervais host. There’d be a reason to watch the first seven minutes.