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Ilhan Omar Giggles During Report on US Deaths in the Middle East

Ilhan Omar laughing

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has attracted controversy throughout her short career in DC. Ties to terrorist funding organizations. Antisemitism. Allahu Ackbar! Campaign finance issues. Some people did something. An affair with a married white devil. Endorsing old white Bernie Sanders. And now this.

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Giggling during a report on deceased US troops.

Appalling as it is to see a U.S. congresswoman acting out like a schoolgirl while the deaths of her countrymen were under discussion, the incident came at the same news conference where Omar claimed she was “stricken with PTSD” by the “conversations around war” dominating the nation’s capital this week.

Permanent Trump Stress Disorder? I’d believe that. Actually, Omar does have a case to make regarding PTSD (from childhood) but this doesn’t seem like it. Instead, we have a conflict of narratives.

Mr. Trump lacks the dignity and demeanor of the office or something. But then this,

“.. Omar was acting as a United States congresswoman, appearing with her fellow lawmakers at a news conference in a time when the country is engaged in a military confrontation with Iran — a hostile power that has been essentially at war with the U.S. for 40 years.

The fact is, she chose that moment to act like a fifth-grader on a class trip. It’s not easy to make a liberal as repugnant as Sheila Jackson Lee look like the adult in the room, but Omar managed to pull it off.

Any of those flag-draped coffins heading back to Minneapolis?

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