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Ilhan “White Guys R’ Scarier than Jihadis” Omar is Having an Affair with a White Guy

Ilhan Omar and her White Sugar Daddy

Ilhan Omar is having an affair with a married man who is white. The affair is ending his marriage, so I have to wonder. Does this fall into the category of some people who did something? Which, in this case, violates Islamic Law.

The man is Tim Mynett, a partner at E Street Group, a political strategy firm that’s getting paid by Omar’s campaign since after she won her election.

Oooh. A paid white lover.

Of course, adultery is a sin in Islam just as it is in the Christian and Jewish Faiths. So,

I wonder if Mynett is Jewish? That would certainly be ironic. Whether he is or not,  in her faith it is taboo for a Muslim woman a to be with a man who isn’t Muslim.  I wonder how this relationship is going to sit with the Muslim community.

Omar’s relationships have been a constant source of intrigue. She appears to have married her own brother in what looks like an act of illegal immigration and student loan fraud. She divorced that individual in 2017.

Now she is involved with a white guy with whom we should not be ‘more fearful than jihadists.’ Wait. Maybe he is a Jihadist? 

His wife has filed divorce papers detailing the cause of the separation. Her husbands professed love for Ilhan Omar the home wrecker.


Image: Omar with her paid for white man.

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