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Ilhan Omar Defends Terrorists – Liz Cheney Takes Her Down

Hamas Rockets from Gaza head toward Israel

Ilhan Omar has a history of supporting terrorists and terrorism. She’s advocated for them. She stood alongside their supporters. And taken the odd pot-shot at Israel. Enough that her own party almost said something. But since Muslims trump Jews, that didn’t happen. But what about this?

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If we ignore these as pro-Palestinian terrorist narratives, which they are, and look at them objectively what do we find? Liz Cheney has the answer!


Gaza is occupied. By Hamas.

They regularly lob rockets in Isreal. Last weekend the lobbed hundreds of rockets into Isreal. From Gaza which is occupied and controlled by who? Hamas.

Is it possible Ilhan Omar does not know this?


And Hamas is funded by who? Everyone!

They’ve got gobs of money from Iran for rockets, weapons, engineering to build tunnels, but no money for Palestinian children or their families. People who suffer from retaliatory strikes after Hamas launches hundreds of rockets into Israel.

In 2012 Qatar gave Hamas one billion dollars? The Gaza strip regularly receives millions in foreign aid. So what do they do with it all? I can tell you what they don’t do? Use it to help little kids or to end the cycle of violence.

I honestly believe that if Hamas wanted peace, if they recognized Isreal’s right to exist, that they could peacefully run Gaza and Isreal would be a good neighbor and help.

They don’t want that. Ilhan Omar knows this. So, she is nothing more than a shill for their endless war against Israel.

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