Big surprise: 2020 Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg hates the Constitution - Granite Grok

Big surprise: 2020 Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg hates the Constitution

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Specifically the Second Amendment – the Right to keep and bear arms.  For those that keep up with 2A things know that former NYC Mike “No Big Gulps for you!” Bloomberg, you already know that he funds his totally Astroturf’d civilian disarmament groups known as Moms Demand Action and EveryTown for Gun Safety. While he travels around with his own armed bodyguards, he is telling the rest of us two messages:

  1. He doesn’t care about the Constitution
  2. He doesn’t car about you or your safety
  3. He doesn’t trust you.

So with that, how is he to be trusted? If he were to win, and then take the oath of office, we would know that he is a liar.  How could he not be, knowing that he would not faithfully protect the Constitution?

Actually, he’s quite dangerous – an honest totalitarian who doesn’t hide his intentions.  Look back at his history and it is clear that he has a vision of how things should be – his vision. Your vision for your own future is of no account. He truly is a social engineer – he knows better what you need and how you should behave than you do. After all, it’s for your own good that he strives for Power in order to “elevate and evolve” so as to “enable” you to reach your best potential.

In short, a Progressive that truly believes that he is better than anyone else. Why else, then, do Progressives want Power?

It certainly isn’t for you to make your own decisions – only him. And his government. And only Government should have the force of Arms.

Just like British General Gage when he sent his troops to disarm the American colonists that led to The Shot Heard ‘Round the World who then fought and beat that time’s most power military force.

Do we, the descendants of that 3%, still have it in our spirit to do what might be necessary?