"Atlanta PD Will No Longer Chase Criminals if They Flee From Cops" - Granite Grok

“Atlanta PD Will No Longer Chase Criminals if They Flee From Cops”

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Let’s see, we’ve got multiple Democrat States with Democrat Attorney Generals stating that they are no longer going to prosecute low level crimes (e.g., urinating or defecating in public, drug usage in public ways, retail “shrinkage” up to $1,000, squatting on other peoples’ property, ignoring low level drug dealers) – that’s just a license to revert back to Third World standards.

We do have jurisdictions stating that they’d no longer conduct high speed chases and while I never wish to concede Society to n’err-do-wells, at least I can understand why (innocents getting severely injured or killed from crashes). But this overall trend, of letting crime increase at the bottom of the food chain, is literally letting perps just drive away. Why even bother to have police in the first place?

First the setup scenario to show the absurdity that may be coming to your town (reformatted, emphasis mine):

…You are asleep late at night in your bedroom when you are awakened by the sound of breaking glass. Soon you hear footsteps down the hall and come to the chilling realization that intruders have entered your home. You hide in a closet and dial 911 on your phone, then in a whisper plead for the police to come to your aid before the burglars happen upon you. Officers are on the way, you are assured, and moments later you listen as the intruders, alarmed by the approaching siren, flee to a waiting car. You go outside to see them bearing the items they’ve stolen from your home, then drive off as the police car approaches. “There they go,” you shout to the officers, “you can still catch them!”

To your astonishment, the officers casually park their car and get out. “I’m afraid not,” one of them says. “Against the rules.”… “It’s like this,” says the officer. “The miscreants have fled in an automobile, and we have been instructed not to pursue them in our own automobile lest they crash and injure themselves or some innocent party, thus exposing our municipality to liability. And even if we were to chase and catch them, there’s a fair chance we would have to use force to get them into custody, which may, again, risk liability to our employer and which in any event these days no one wants to see.”

So, we have large expenses at any municipal level for law enforcement so as to…..just have them stand there?  This is absolutely nuts! Yet, it is happening. While our police are suppose to be enforcing the Law, they’re having to do that enforcement based on the municipality getting sue?  Well, that is the picture, and now in Atlanta, reality:

Last Friday, Atlanta police chief Erika Shields announced that her officers would not engage in vehicle pursuits while the department evaluates its policies. “Please know that I realize this will not be a popular decision,” she said, understating the case considerably. “And more disconcerting to me personally, is that this decision may drive crime up.”

Basically, you just declared that you’ve emasculated and defenestrated your reports in no longer going after the bad guys. This is past “nuts!” – it’s absurd! That get away car just turned into a Get Out Of Jail Free card. No, it isn’t just the initial speeding away from the actual crime scene – this order holds forEVAH! Any time that the bad guys fear that the po-po are almost at the door, all they will have to do is have that vehicle at the ready and act like OJ Simpson and drive away – safely in all respects of the word.

What the heck are we turning into as a Society? Steal a TV and nothing happens. I throw the wrong kind of plastic bottle into the wrong bin at our “Recycle Center” and the Town Fathers were willing to lay down a $1,000 fine on me (at least in the beginning of THAT farce – I need to play catch up on that thread). What a country!

So the police can’t do anything and the same Democrat elected officials who are telling them to “sit on it” are also the same ones that are telling the rest of us to get ready to have our firearms confiscated.  Good times, good times – just not for your average law abiding Joe. Taking it in the shorts from your Representatives and then turn around and get it from the criminals.

…She called the judicial system in Atlanta “broken,” saying criminals are too often released from jail only to re-offend. “I don’t want to see us cost someone their life in pursuit of an auto theft person or burglar, when the courts aren’t even going to hold them accountable,” she said. “How can we justify that?”

Do the crime, no boys in blue, into the holding tank, and the Judge says “naw, you’re a GOOD boy” and out they go. You know how this is going to work out, dontcha? The Social Justice Warriors keep yammering about the cost to keep someone in jail for low level crimes – just let them out. Hey, we’re just still going to pay their dime – either behind concrete walls or them stealing us blind. Cost is cost but the concrete is “Government cost” while theft et al is personal cost. Just like the Fram oil filter commercial of yor, you can pay me now or you can pay me later.

Sidenote: even as they are kvetching about the cost of low level low-lifes in jails, don’t even TRY to tell these SJWs they are being two-faced when you say it’s time to bring out ‘Ole Sparky for those capital crimes or bring out that three needle sticker. After all, carrying out that sentence in a timely manner would save all that money on death row costs, right?  THEN they start stuttering about “Oh, the humanity of it all!”.

So we get it at both the low AND high end.  Great, just great.

Just give the electorate another reason to vote Republican…

(H/T: PJ Media)