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Ager vs. Duprey: The Choice

One can often learn something about a person’s true character by examining those with whom they associate or support, giving credence to the old saying that “birds of a feather flock together.”

As the son of a legal immigrant father who embraced the American Dream, it is apparent to this writer that our country has a huge problem with unfettered immigration, especially those so-called immigrants uninterested or unwilling to embrace the American dream by assimilating themselves into our American culture and legal traditions and mores, thereby becoming true Americans.

The federal government provides funding of over $2,000 per person to various not-for-profits, often affiliated with, or operating under the banner of, a connection to a specific religion, to facilitate their resettlement of refugees into the US.  Thus, we have ended up with so-called refugees from African and Mid-East countries, with no connection to or affinity with the Judeo-Christian culture of the US, being dumped into cities throughout the country, including some NH cities such as Manchester.

[As an aside, while some of the organizations involved in this mess may at one time in their histories have served useful purposes in assisting refugees coming to America to become Americans and to help make the country great, usually coreligionists of the original organizers of the group, in large measure they have over recent years become partisans for hard left political ideologies, including open, or no, borders.]

So, what has been the result?

As recently as 2017, we had a NH prosecutor in Manchester who was seemingly systematically dropping criminal charges against “refugees” who had been resettled (read: parachuted) into Manchester on the grounds that they were “culturally incompetent.” In other words, because the individual charged with crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assaults, and the like, was supposedly from an Islamic culture in which such actions were not considered criminal offenses, they should get a free pass under our laws.

One might wonder what this might have to do with the upcoming election for the Republican National Committee Committeeman from New Hampshire.

Well, it does.

On January 25th, the 500 members of the NH State Republican Committee will elect the next RNC Committeeman from New Hampshire.

Long-time incumbent Steve Duprey seeks re-election and is spending a lot of money to try to garner votes, including hiring a political consulting firm that must have cost thousands of dollars- to try to attain a majority of the 500 votes that might be cast. All for an unpaid position.

It has been reported that Duprey has been a financial contributor to at least one of the private refugee resettlement agencies, supported by our tax dollars, one that proudly trumpets on its web site today its lawsuit against the Trump administration’s attempts to rein in the refugee resettlement abomination that has directly affected New Hampshire. See

And let’s take a look at other aspects of Duprey’s activities, keeping in mind the old saying that “birds of a feather flock together.”

Duprey has been an active supporter of Planned Parenthood, which not only promotes practices repugnant to most GOP voters but also spends millions in support of Democrat candidates and in opposition to Republicans. Duprey’s business has supported net-metering policies that would force New Hampshire ratepayers to pay more for electricity.

Finally, Duprey’s attendance record at meetings of the NHGOP Executive Board of which he is a member is nothing to write home about: of the 18 meetings held in 2017 and 2018, Duprey attended fewer than half.

While Duprey may be deserving of some respect for his years of “service” in his role as the RNC Committeeman from NH, it is clearly time for a change.

Duprey’s challenger is Chris Ager who has proven himself to be a strong team player who regularly invokes Ronald Reagan’s calls for unity.

Ager, a longtime Republican Party and grass roots activist in New Hampshire, has championed free-market capitalism, low taxes and spending, the 2nd Amendment, the sanctity of life, and school choice. It is probably no surprise that Ager has not been a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood or any of the refugee resettlement agencies that have been active in our state.

Fidelity to true Republican principles and the party platform is critically important in the upcoming election of the next RNC Committeeman from New Hampshire.

Ager will clearly be the better choice to represent the interests of our state and uphold the principles expressed in our party platform.