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NH “Business Mag” Pimps Left-Wing Heat Wave Propaganda in NH (to sell a regional gas tax scheme)


New Hampshire Business Review (NHBR) likes to peddle self-interest stories by climate fraudsters. Dan Weeks used their pages to sell Fear that would benefit his solar business. And now we have Roger Stephenson from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) doing something similar.

First, for the umpteenth time, CO2 does not cause warming. Any real scientist knows this. Any thesis based on the premise is fraud from start to finish.

As an aside, Mars atmosphere is 95% CO2, but retains no heat.  At 950,000 ppm the surface temperature at the equator (in the summer) is 95 degrees. That’s thanks to the sun. But lacking any atmospheric pressure just a few feet above those warm rocks Mars has already lost 20 degrees. (In winter the temperature is as cold as -130 F). CO2 has no role. (Its average global temperature is around -80 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Venus, on the other hand, is hot because of incredibly high atmospheric pressure, not so much the makeup of its atmosphere (as sold by climate alarmists). An Atmosphere that prevents almost any sunlight from reaching its slow-moving surface. 

Here on our “doomed earth™” CO2 is about 0.04% of our atmosphere today which makes plants happy and climate alarmists crazy.

No significant or even enormous increase in that will have any effect on Earth’s temperature at any level of our atmosphere. Nor will any minimal decrease resulting from Paris Accords or any other socialist takeover by a government make any difference.

A few primary movers control Earth’s climate, none of them is the trace gas CO2, and the most important of these is the sun.

Just so we are clear, this Climate Crap is all a scam

So, it’s not a surprising stretch from the Union of Consensus Socialists (UCS) to use their crap report based on bad science to sell climate fear. They lied about sea-level rise (it’s geology, not your SUV). And little else they say is true because they are, before everything else, a decades-old far-left activist organization.  Less about climate, more about control.

This brings us to this edition of the New Hampshire Climate Fraud Review (dba NHBR). The author quotes his own organization’s Heat Stroke report to stir up some activism. We shared a thorough debunking a few months back, but let’s revisit that.

A 2019 study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, “Killer Heat,” found that while New Hampshire has only experienced three days per year on average with a “feels like” temperature that exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit, that number will increase to 23 days per year on average by midcentury and 49 by the century’s end.

Even if we bought into the idea that CO2 emissions (see also, ’emissions’) did any of the things they claim, there is no solid or confirmed science that suggests this is true. Anecdotally, the record on such predictions isn’t just weak, it’s terrible. None of the prophecies has come to pass. Zero. And there is ample evidence of fraud to advance the Climate Cult’s goals.

Anyone who makes policy decisions based on this record is a partisan hack looking to rob people blind, which is actually the point. The Dec. 5th article raises several specters of doom before landing on this.

At the state level, New Hampshire must clean up its transportation sector, responsible for ground-level ozone and 42% of New Hampshire’s greenhouse gas emissions. Transportation solutions are not adequately addressed in the state’s 2018 strategic energy plan.

Officials are watching a 12-state effort to incentivize low-carbon transportation solutions called the Transportation and Climate Initiative. State lawmakers will soon debate bills on road usage fees applied to low-emissions vehicles.

Stephenson’s prattling about ticks and respiratory illness are window dressing to pimp the redistributive Transportation Climate Initiative. The tax on everything, forever that will ruin our economy for nothing. The one Gov. Sununu just said won’t be happening in New Hampshire.

One more point. There are links to rising CO2 worth considering. Increased CO2 coincides with economic growth, prosperity, longer and healthier lives, and lower rates of poverty.

Rising Socialism, like that sought by the Green New Dealers, TCI-ers, Democrats, and The Union of Consensus Socialists (UCS), has the opposite effect.

To solve what ails us we can get away with a lot more CO2 but fewer socialist pawns peddling climate scams to advance economic Marxism.