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Load of Crap! NHBR Piece Claims NH Seacoast Property Values Suffering from Sea Level Rise


The New Hampshire Business Review has an Op-Ed by Dan Weeks. Weeks is a co-owner and director at ReVision energy in Brentwood (Portland ME, Liberty ME, North Andover MA, etc.). They claim to be the number one rooftop solar installer in New England, which might make them the number one recipient of the federal money that props up their industry in New England.

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Not that I begrudge any entrepreneur who finds a DC trough at which to feed. The solution to that problem is to remove the trough or the politicians who build them and fill them. But Solar has gotten fat on the feed and Weeks company with it. And he’s here to tell us a thing or two about the threat of Climate Change that just happens to advance that relationship.

He’s got scaremongering to share and statistics about how people in New Hampshire agree with him. I can’t speak to the data he cites suggesting significant local support for the climate cult dogma without seeing it but if it is anything like this rubbish, we can feel free to dismiss the entire opinion piece in total.

In New Hampshire, Seacoast residents of every political persuasion have seen their property values plummet due to rising seas and floods, as homes become increasingly un-insurable.

Don’t tell buyers.

Those “uninsurable properties” along New Hampshire’s seacoast are selling for significantly more than they were just a few years ago. Even after the ice caps melted.*

Portsmouth.Median Home Price Portsmouth NH March 2020

Portsmouth homeowners who bought in long after any of the prophesied iceless Arctic dead drop dates will see significant profit were they to sell before during (or just as likely after) the next one

Sea Level Rise Equals Real Estate Gold Mine

Is it possible that the threats of “imminent” Sea-Level rise, which themselves have more than doubled in their frequency and desperation, are driving coastal community property values even higher?

It looks that way.

Many of these are Liberal communities filled with Democrat Global Warming Scaremongers. Does this mean that the people pimping the sea level narrative would pay 30-50% or more for a property that’s not even supposed to be livable anymore?

But it is! And the property values and resale rates keep climbing – as do the taxes this town collect on them.

HamptonMedian Home Price Hampton NH March 2020

Are realtors screwing Democrats over? What voodoo is this? Or is it the local government create false value to milk taxpayers despite their buy-in on the impending diluvial catastrophe.

Property in New Castle, Rye, Newmarket, Stratham, Greenland, and Dover have all seen significant gains in resale value.

Median Home Price New Castle NH March 2020Median Home Price Rye NH March 2020Median Home Price New Market NH March 2020Median Home Price Stratham NH March 2020Median Home Price Dover NH March 2020Solar isn’t the only scam in town. New Castle is a frigging island and average home prices are up nearly a quarter of a million.

So, seacoast property values are far from hurting. Just the opposite. Which suggests the off-hand remark about insurance is bunk as well. No one pays top dollar for a home they can’t insure unless they can pay cash – the banks will never take that liability.  And who pays cash for a “houseboat” that won’t float and is doomed to rest forever at the bottom of Great Bay or the Piscataqua river?

Unless it’s all a fraud promoted to justify government control and wealth redistribution. (Hint: it is!)

And that brings us to the rest of Mr. Weeks’ assumptions. Including his remarks about consensus. Can we trust any of them?

Regular readers will know the answer. I doubt it.

This op-ed appears to be little more than a free advertisement passed off as an opinion piece to advantage the co-owner of a Solar Panel company. A business model that thrives by promoting a non-crisis to push Tax credits or tax incentives.  An industry that supports scam-climate-accords like Paris. And lives off a redistribution scheme from taxpayers to connected business owners, without which, most people, even folks whose home prices have doubled in value, would never consider.


Even after the ice caps melted.*

*Real Climate Science has a great post about the nearly century-old tradition of declaring that the Arctic will be ice-free by some arbitrary point in time after today. He’s got a pile of news clippings declaring the Arctic will be ice-free by 2000, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, along with “ice-free arctic warming warnings” from 1923, 1958, and 1972, all predicting the Arctic Ocean will be free of ice and if we don’t let the government regulate the crap out of us and spend all our money, right now, we’re all doomed. Doomed I tell you.