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Locally Cited Environmental Group Linked to Effort to Use State AG’s to Silence Dissent on Climate


New Hampshire’s Enviro-weenies love to quote the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). More union than concerned scientists they are another well-funded far-left activist group. And they’ve just been implicated in a pay to play to sue scandal of sorts.

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Back in 2016 UCS hosted a secret event at Harvard. Many State’s Attorneys Generals and staff got free freight to and fro. The purpose of the event was to strategize how to sue climate deniers. Jackpot justice scenarios (like this one). Where states could collect big payouts from oil or gas companies. Free national earned media for the issue and the suit. Significant exposure for AG’s and their offices. With the aid of private climate-justice attorneys strategically placed in AG’s offices.

This plot goes back further, but the 2016 meeting implicates a frequent presence in New Hampshire. The UCS. And you already know this story. Well, some of it.

The March 2016 Harvard meeting was followed by the now infamous March 29th publicity stunt by NY AG Eric Schneiderman. Al Gore was there as were other AG’s including the AG from Vermont. States suing major oil companies and others for aiding and abetting evils against the globe. Issuing subpoena’s for records of donations to determine who they may have paid off to promote their denier narratives.

The pot calling the kettle black.

The Observer quotes Al Gore in what must now be one of the more ironic statements to come from his moronic crusade.

“Years from now, this meeting by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his colleagues here today may be well be looked back upon as a real turning point,” the Inconvenient Truth narrator said. “Commercial interests that have been, according to the best available evidence, deceiving the American people, communicating in a fraudulent way, about the reality of the climate crisis and the dangers it poses.”

Silence! I’ll Sue You!

The message was chilling. Free speech and scientific disagreement were on trial. Force applied to silence dissent. By threatening oil companies they were advertising a Government war on anyone who dared speak against their preferred political narrative.

That effort didn’t go as well as planned. Schneiderman’s increased exposure ended his climate and political aspirations after multiple accusations of assault against women. He liked getting drunk and would hit women, in bed, without their consent. To keep them quiet (he was the AG) he threatened to have them followed or wiretapped. Nice guy.

Mark Steyn’s take on these developments is worth your time here.

Several cities picked up the dropped mantle and tried to sue for reparations caused by climate damage. Cities who were advertising to sell their municipal bonds never mentioned any of the so-called damage or risk upon which their lawsuit was prefaced. Exxon-Mobil’s lawyers are wondering why and whether that’s an act of fraud?

Exxon-Mobil has also sued dozens of others, AG’s, groups, individuals, all over the coordinated attack.

Local Deceptions?

Here at home Governor Maggie Hassan’s then AG Joe Foster might have been at the Harvard meeting. We don’t know for sure. Secret lists, secret meetings, but Harvard is not that far away. We do know he had not yet decided to join the cabal lining up after the UCS Climate Clan-bake, but he was encouraged. Probably by local Democrats and the UCS – whose name pops up in the NH media often then gets reported here.

But not for trying to “bribe” AG’s to file frivolous suits to give their irrefutable agenda a push (until now). A move that at its core is the use of big payouts as motivation to use state force to silence free speech and public dissent on a political issue.

But then, that describes the entire movement. One where science ended the moment “scientists” and activists discovered they could use their so-called consensus to scaremonger people to enrich and empower the government that feeds them grant money. All so politicians and bureaucrats could control more of our daily lives.