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Democrats Will Vote on USMCA Trade Deal but Do We Have to Give Them Credit?

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After conspiring with both Canada and Mexico, your president, Donald Trump, brought “the best and most important trade deal ever made by the USA,” to quote The Donald, to Congress. Democrats sat on it – for no other reason than their partisan refusal to give him a win.

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What changed? Not much. Some labor protections that some in Mexico say might sacrifice Mexican sovereignty. But Democrats want to take the credit for something so let them. If it gets the Trade deal through the House, so be it.

“It is infinitely better than what was initially proposed by the administration,” said the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Infinitely? Here’s Infinite.

Separately, negotiators agreed to update labor and environmental standards, which were not central to the 1994 accord and are now typical in modern trade agreements. Examples include enforcing a minimum wage for autoworkers, stricter environmental standards for Mexican trucks and new rules on fishing to protect marine life.

Oooh. Wait.  Oooh.

The Mexican Truck driver issue is old and critical point deserving of applause. Minimum wages drive up costs, but in the case of Mexico would create more parity in cost and competition. Whenever Democrats applaud environmental issues, I cringe, but again, the US has stricter rules than Mexico, so it probably creates some measure of economic parity that didn’t exist in NAFTA.

Infinitely seems like a stretch, but again, Trump is pleased with the deal, and he’s all about deals, so maybe these were always issues in play but left to be bargained out to get the win? 

Here’s House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s take for contrast.

“After announcing impeachment within less than an hour, the speaker finally relented and said she would bring USMCA up. She has held it for more than a year making America weaker in our negotiations with China, our No. 1 and No. 2 traders, with Mexico and Canada was being held up within our own agreement.”

It seems like USMCA was something she didn’t have time for until she finished sorting her sock drawer. Again, because under no circumstance can Democrats give Trump a win. But with fake impeachment in the can, pending a vote, she’d got no excuses and a lot of pressure to appear to be doing something besides bogus impeachment. USMCA is just sitting there. Hey, let’s say we’ll vote on it because we improved it. 

Yeah. That’s the ticket.

It is for New Hampshire, But if we had sent Negron and Edwards to a majority Republican House, we’d have had the deal a year now. Don’t let Pappas and Kuster sell you on any other story. There were 76 million worth of Granite State agriculture at stake (and 600 jobs affected) while we waited for fake impeachment to work itself out to an obvious conclusion. Neither Pappas of Kuster applied an ounce of pressure to push USMCA onto the calendar.

But they’ll try to take credit for it now.

Don’t let them.

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