Biden (In NH) Says He'd Pick a Republican Running Mate - Did He Forget He Put Two NH Sen. On That List? - Granite Grok

Biden (In NH) Says He’d Pick a Republican Running Mate – Did He Forget He Put Two NH Sen. On That List?

Sens. Hassan and Shaheen

Team Biden needs to stick to the same puppeteers. When they switch them up, he gets confused and says things. Like, when Biden said that he’d consider a Republican running mate. He’s in New Hampshire. Two of the four women he said he is considering for VP are Democrat US Senators from New Hampshire.

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That has gotta be a kick in the teeth. Yeah, I like, what are their names again? Rosebud?

“If you didn’t think Joe Biden had lost his mind, consider the matter resolved. Two of the four women he says are on his shortlist for Vice President are both sitting US Senators from New Hampshire. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan.

Former Obama-Era AG Sally ‘who should be under federal indictment‘ Yates and Stacy “everyone I know is a racist Abrams.

Someone else was pulling the strings that day. And today. A Republican who steps up is right there in the running with our very own Trotsky-Twins, Shaheen and Hassan. 

I know, he was probably saying it to get an edge in New Hampshire. But it’s obvious Joes Lunchbox is half-empty and has been for a while. He’s riding on name recognition as the path to electability.

It’s a good strategy. I think it will get him an edge at a brokered convention where he can run as Hillary’s VP. He won’t take her as a number two. Joe’s a bit dopey but he’s not stupid. That suicide note is written.

‘Hillary had nothing to do with Ukraine; it was all me. She deserves to be President. ‘

Yup, Clinton Biden 2020 (or Clinton, someone) because Hillary had more ba**s than Joe and Barack combined. Or anyone else in the field, well, maybe not Tulsi.

Or, not. They’re going to lose to Trump, and we’re going to make sure it’s a landslide. Sorry, Democrats are going to make sure it is a Trump landslide. The Democrats have totally overplayed every hand since before 2016.