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No Holiday is sacred for the Left

It’s the holidays with Thanksgiving up first.  Now, I don’t know about you but for me and my family, it is a time of reflection on all that God has bestowed upon – and being thankful for all those blessings (even when they didn’t “feel” like blessings at the time), for our friends, and for each other. Sure, a time for eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and STUFFING!  and GRAVY! and all of the delights that come with that meal.

For the Left, it’s a time to prozletize – and not for worshipping God.  At least, not God in the way that most of us think.  No, their God seems to be Leftist politics and they are bound and determined to insert your family time. First up is the venerable ACLU – that former organization formed to protect our natural God-given Rights.  Now, it has devolved to being just a Democrat Party mouthpiece with J.D. degrees. To wit and showing its hand that it wants to absolutely ruin the day (after all, it’s all about genocide and “white conquest” of America for them, right? Reformatted, emphasis mine):

The American Civil Liberties Union is an example of the opposing approach, which is to force uncomfortable conversations with loved ones by hitting them over the head with liberal talking points. In case you’re uncomfortable with this approach, or unsure how to start, the ACLU Twitter account offered some prompts to get things going.

  • “My pronouns are…” to start a conversation about the difference between biological sex and gender identity.
  • “Firing people for being LGBTQ is illegal and Trump asked SCOTUS to change that” for those interested in bashing Trump and discussing LGBTQ legal rights at the same time.
  • “Who loved Pose season 2?” in case anyone at the table wants to break down a show described as a “drama television series about New York City’s African-American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming ballroom culture scene in the 1980s and, in the second season, early 1990s”
  • And, “Please pass the pie, and the Equality Act” a subtle segue into discourse about a law that, despite what Taylor Swift says, is a bit more complicated than simply making everyone equal.

…Because, as the narrative goes, the problem with Thanksgiving dinner is dealing with bigoted conservative relatives…there are some who feel it is their responsibility to the wrong-think of their family members over turkey and stuffing

And “fix” IS the operative word here.  Go back and read this:

…that we were are or our motives are driven by: Ignorant, Un-educated, Hateful, Fearful, Abusive, Opressors, Nazis, wish to marginalize the oppressed.

You know, all the typical stereotypes that are thrown at anyone not willing to be assimilated

We need to be “fixed” my butt!  They just hate the fact that many of us won’t give in to their Socialist / Politically Correct value set.

Education Week (via Brietbart) is seeking to “dispel the myth of Thanksgiving (emphasis mine).

To help students appreciate colonial oppression of Natives and the violence that ensued from it, Tsotigh recommends reframing the holiday as an opportunity to honor representatives of Native communities who greeted European visitors with open arms.

“They didn’t perceive them as invaders at the time because their numbers were so small,” Tsotigh said. “They felt from the mindset of Native people that we share with those less fortunate. That was part of how that myth evolved.”

“Thanksgiving is often seen as a quintessential feel-good holiday, but many argue the way it’s taught in schools perpetuates myths as well as being disrespectful to Native Americans,” PBS host Judy Woodruff states, adding these individuals claim the traditional Thanksgiving story “leaves out the context of relations between them and the early immigrants, how the settlers brought diseases, for example, that decimated native tribes or information about the massacres of natives that followed.”

And one more example that shows that Thanksgiving is nothing unless you talking pro-abortions:

The message included a link to the group’s website, with a tutorial titled, “Abortion Conversations for the Holiday Season.”

“First, let’s talk about what makes a heart-to-hear conversation,” the guide begins, advising readers not to yell at people and suggesting “these conversations work best one-on-one, and with a little preparation.”

NNAF also promotes a “conversation card deck” for the price of $19.99, with the promise of “thought- and heart-provoking questions to help guide your discussions.” Oh—and “when you’re ready to go deeper,” you can also purchase an expansion pack for the deck.

As for conducting an abortion conversation with family members over Thanksgiving or Christmas, the group suggests a series of steps you can take to lead the talk. NNAF coaches readers to first “notice how you — and your family — are feeling when you enter into this conversation.”

Next, “engage” by getting “to know conversation partner.” Also, the site says, be sure to ask questions, “offer to follow up on the conversation and share resources,” and thank them for their time. “You’re doing hard, heartfelt work, right where it counts,” NNAF adds.

Sure thing – just remember when the bowl of gravy is meant to be a UFO and that turkey drumstick may well be used to set a beat upon your forehead.

Look, my family knows who I am and what I do – but also there are times that should be off-limits for politics. When we’re invited to other families and friends for the day, I keep my mouth shut and will only engage CAREFULLY if asked – and certainly NOT like the above UNLESS the phrase “well, tell me what you REALLY feel” – and then it becomes fun. These guys above want it front, center, and in your face – the ideology comes before the reason for the day.

And as if needs any prompting, TMEW will simply pass the stuffing bowl to have more – it’s more polite that way.