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Major Dem Donor Terry Bean Arrested Again – Related to 2015 Sodomy of a Minor

Terry Bean-and-Lawson 2014

Terry Bean is a Portland Staple. A significant Donor to Democrats. Deep-Pocketed gay rights activist. And a guy who has been arrested more than once for sodomy of a minor.

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He’s been arrested again, tied to the case we covered in 2015.

Bean was a DNC committee memberknown to New Hampshire Democratsincluding the state party chair Ray Buckley. And as noted in the headline, he was arrested for raping a 15-year old boy in 2015.

Click Terry’s linked name above for all the stories, one of which was how he paid off the kid and helped him disappear. 

Where Have you Bean!

Well, Bean has been arrested again in connection with the rape charges and, more specifically, bribery and witness tampering.

Detective Jeff Myers detailed an elaborate scheme to keep investigators from finding the boy. The boy told the detective his own lawyer helped him hide.

“She told me not to talk to certain people, she told me to go on the run at a certain point,” the detective quoted the boy as saying. “So, if I did testify I was told I wasn’t supposed to get my money. So that’s why I did not testify. And that’s why my attorney told me to go on the run.” ​

Myers wrote the boy’s lawyer gave him a “burner” phone and cash, and worked to hide him in a cabin in the mountains outside of Portland.​

If you’re innocent, you don’t drop 200 g’s on a 15-year old and set them up in a mountain retreat to hide them from the police. But that’s what happened. And while buying silence is not unheard of, wealthy, entitled, politically connected pedophiles hiding an underage victim from the investigators can rub them the wrong way.

They Never Let It Go

Which lead to Bean’s recent arrest, along with his lawyer. Both of whom were released shortly after. Bean is insanely wealthy and connected. Murder might keep him detained if he was a flight risk. But other than that, he’s not spending much time in the pokey. No underage boys, so why bother.

And it’s not apparent that he’ll even be found guilty of anything. The statute of limitations may have run out, which makes charging him with felony sodomy of a minor, bribery, or anything else unlikely. But according to reports, prosecutors seem to think they have something that will stick.

To date, the Teflon Bean has managed to escape prosecution, even though he been sodomizing minors for nearly 40 years.

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