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Terry Bean is Back in the News – In Oregon

Terry BeanProminent Gay Rights activist, one-percenter, and Democrat party money man Terry Bean has been pinging my Google alert all week. Seems he has bought off the minor he is accused of raping to the tune of “the lad doesn’t want to press charges anymore.” Bean is now asking a judge to drop the criminal case because of this.

Alert Ping!

Portland prosecutors say wait just one damn minute.

After a week of local newsy noise about  DNC committee member, known to New Hampshire Democratsincluding the state party chair Ray Buckley (but so far ignored by our local NH media) Portland prosecutors released evidence that this wasn’t Bean’s first illegal Underage Gay-rodeo.

Prosecutors say Portland real-estate developer and Democratic Party activist Terry Bean engaged in sex with an underaged boy in 1979, providing the 16-year-old with alcohol and drugs. The teenager later tried to kill himself after Bean broke off the relationship, court records say.

Now. It is possible he only had illegal sex with one minor a few times in 1979, then swore off the youngsters until 2014, but I doubt it. Maybe it depends on what the definition of child rape is, or what “is” is for that matter. Perhaps he didn’t violate surveillance laws by videotaping gay sex with unsuspecting partners. And maybe he’s just a hairy lesbian. But prosecutors think they’ve got a case.

No, he can’t be prosecuted for the 1979 child rape. The statute of limitations has expired. (No worry about driving the minor he raped to attempt suicide either.) And no, given the civil compromise reached with the more recent child he raped, he’s technically off the hook for a new civil trial. But if the prosecutor can demonstrate that Bean is still a risk to minors because he has a history (and we know he asked Kiah Lawson to bring him younger ‘men‘), and a judge allows the trial to proceed, …neither the national nor local NH media will cover it.

He’s a rich connected Lefty and an Idol in the gay community so my money says he also walks away.

And no one who knows or associates with him suffer regardless, not in the DNC, and not in NH.

But the media isn’t biased. Remember that.

Next up, Republican says the word Skirt, Democrats and media pillory them until they resign in shame; party members forced to denounce, apologize, and do Social-justice widdershins to the secular-humanist god.