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Major Democrat Donor Terry Bean Arrested For Sodomy of a Minor (Again!)

Terry Bean-and-Lawson 2014

Longtime readers will recognize the name Terry Bean. He is a very wealthy donor to Democrat politicians (like Obama) and Democrat causes who, in 2014, was accused of sexually abusing underage boys. That wasn’t even his first incident facing such charges. But he basically purchased his innocence which is permissible in Orgeron. He has been arrested again. Same charge. Sodomy and sex abuse of an underage boy.

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According to Fox News, the Human Rights Campaign co-founder pleaded not guilty on Thursday after being arraigned for the charges, and was taken into custody at Lane County jail in Oregon. The indictment was made on January 4, but was not made public until Thursday.

Bean’s MO is to find young men of age, court them, and then use them to gain access to teenage boys. Invite them over for a party. Taste the lifestyle of the rich and infamous. Taste something to make them pliable. Get arrested for sodomy of a minor.

After the 2014 arrest, the mainstream media remained relatively silent about the charges against Bean. Portland’s KOIN-6, however, did an interview with one of Bean’s neighbors, who boldly proclaimed that he saw the Democratic donor frequently courting several underage boys while living next door.

“The ones that Terry likes are the young ones,” said neighbor Jeff Warila in 2014. “They look like they’re under 18 for sure. And his friends come and they’re usually adults, but when Terry comes he has these boys with him.

No #MeToo for Minors Abused by Rich Gay Men

Gay men pursuing underage boys is bad optics for the movement. And there’s no #MeToo for boys abused by gay men. So, don’t expect the media to lift their blackout on Bean from 2014. There will be almost no coverage. Probably none. 

And no journalist in New Hampshire will pressure gay Ray Buckley. He knows Bean. He won’t have to answer any uncomfortable questions about adult gay men pursuing teenage boys. Prominent Democrat donors charged with sodomy of a minor. And forget about the thought that Bean probably provided them with drugs and alcohol.

That’s all a wild conspiracy by opponents engaged in entrapment, just like the last time, the time before that, and the next time. And the time after that.

Image: Terry Bean and Kiah Lawson

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