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Accused Pederast’s Group Has Dumped Over $100K Into NH Elections

Pile-Of-MoneyThe Human Rights Campaign founder and highly regarded Democrat political operative Terry Bean has been accused of raping a 15 year old boy. [Insert influential “coming out of the shadows” metaphor here.]

Real Estate Investor Terry Bean’s HRC has been putting money into New Hampshire Democrat hands for years, but significantly more after Ray Buckley became Chairman of the Democrat party.  All these numbers are from Open

The organization engaged in spotty giving prior to 2006, dropping larger one-time sums on Martha Fuller Clark and Jeanne Shaheen in 2002, with some low dollar but more consistent giving to….Republican Charlie Bass.  But in 2006 HRC dumped $15,000.00 into the State Democrat Party coffers and have given at least $5,000.00 to Ray Buckley every election cycle since then with the exceptions of giving $8600 in 2010 and $4500 in 2014–for a total of $38,000.00 in large dollar donations.

Paul Hodes received $15,000.00 from the group in 2008.  Carol Shea-Porter has received almost $27,000.00 from HRC in her four turns at the DC circus gate, with Ann Kuster scored $25,000.00 in three cycles.   So  accused pederast Terry Bean’s out of state interest group has dumped over $100,000.00 into New Hampshire elections while Ray Buckley has at in the Big Party Chair in Concord.