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Is Dan Feltes New Hampshire’s Most Brazen Political Hypocrite?

If Dan Feltes (whom I often refer to as #FlatulentFeltes for all the gassy political air he discharges) is not New Hampshire’s most brazen political hypocrite, he has to be in the top five.

Consider this:

Just a few days later, we learned about Rep. Tamara Le’s “F*ck private and religious schools” Facebook post:

And what did #FaltulentFeltes do in response to a … to quote the Flatulent-one … “public official[] mak[ing] comments that are offensive and don’t reflect well on the entire state of New Hampshire”? He remained silent.

And then there was this:

This is the same #FlatulentFeltes who supports Obamacare Medicaid Expansion which will cost New Hampshire taxpayers not millions, but HUNDREDS of millions, of dollars. Indeed, I cannot think of a single instance … other than charter schools … when #FlatulentFeltes opposed federal dollars because of the cost to New Hampshire taxpayers.

Of course, the reason #FlatulentFeltes is so brazen about his hypocrisy is that the #FakeNews in New Hampshire do not hold him or other Democrats accountable for their hypocrisy.