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Crazy Uncle Joe Tries to Claim the USMCA Wasn’t a Trump Win

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden tried to make that case that USMCA wasn’t a Trump win. Jake Tapper’s response was the agreement came into being with Trump’s signature. It came about because of Trump’s promise to renegotiate the deal. Biden’s Party had no interest in doing the work in 2016.

Got health Insurance, Bernie Will Take it Away

Bernie’s Boondoggle Medicare for All

What does Medicare for All mean to you? Do you get your health insurance from your employer? Would Medicare for All do something for you… or to you? Will you have the same level of coverage? Is it going to cost you money or save you money?

Medicare for All Should Die of Natural Causes

Medicare for All Should Die of Natural Causes

New research shows that under “Medicare for All,” three quarters of Americans would be worse off financially, according The Heritage Foundation. Most Americans would pay more in new taxes than they would save from no longer paying for private health care and that includes many of those not making much right now.

Democrats Support Unions - Oppose Educational Excellence

Democrats Unions – Oppose Educational-Excellence

Democrats’ plan at the national, state and local level is to support unions and oppose educational excellence. They are working to curb or reverse the spread of charter schools. Our kids are brilliant and curious. It’s not fair to keep them down by not supporting education that works.

What to Study and Where

What to study and where to study it. Those are the big questions for the college bound. Bankrate.com has just published its latest assessment of the financial attractiveness of 162 college majors.  What were the top majors? A majority of the top 10 had the word “engineering” in the description. The list is topped by …

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