David asks questions while Goliath just takes the money - Granite Grok

David asks questions while Goliath just takes the money


The man-made climate change question is a David vs Goliath struggle. The Goliath side (climate alarmists) is driven by politicians spending billions of dollars. Money taken from taxpayers under threat of fines or imprisonment.

Politicians distribute that money to people (e.g., activists, “scientists”, and businesses) who help support and justify the politicians’ demands for trillions more in taxes that politicians can distribute to friends and supporters (e.g., the $500 million Obama/taxpayer bailout of Solyndra investors.)

The David side (skeptics) has a few tens of million dollars voluntarily donated by people knowledgeable enough to doubt climate alarmism; we’ve seen the many previous, non-occurring, predictions of imminent climate catastrophe. The David side cares more about helping people today rather than wasting trillions of dollars on the speculation that it will make a small difference in 80 years.

The Goliath side is very powerful; it has lots of money to distribute to people who help them. If you are a young scholar, scientist, college, university, or special interest group looking for grades, jobs, or government funding, you know you must support climate alarmism.

The Goliath side rewards its lead supporters. They gather, mostly at taxpayer expense and reportedly in up to 1,000 private jets, to enjoy fancy hotels, sumptuous meals, sightseeing, and telling each other how virtuous they are for telling the rest of us that we must be colder in winter, hotter in summer, and pay more for energy.

The media loves the Goliath side not just because they also are mostly leftists, but because alarmism increases media incomes; threats of disaster drives people to the media.

The Goliath side claims that people generate too much CO2 and that the only acceptable way to save mankind is to surrender another $1 trillion annually from American taxpayers for politicians to distribute to their friends and supporters.

But, the climate alarmists’ models even failed to predict recent history. Considering their track record, the David side believes that no sensible person would just believe more climate alarmism.

The Goliath side doesn’t even act like they believe their own claims. If they believed, they would reduce their personal CO2 footprints, and they would hold online conferences, e.g., via Skype or Zoom, to avoid creating all that horrible CO2. They wouldn’t falsely declare climate change is “settled science”, they would share data, debate, and work to convince people. And, they would pursue and support any solutions that help even if the solutions didn’t make Americans surrender more of our liberties and money to politicians.