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Climate Change: Next Week Temps Predicted to drop 20 Degrees Below Normal

Temps for 11-12-19 projected deviation from normal

That CO2 “overheating the planet thing” used to be about warming. Now it is about warming, cooling, or average everyday anything. It’s as if the Global Warming gods decided to take over pagan holidays (like winter) and claim them as divine acts of warming. 

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So, next Tuesday, when the temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees below normal, that’s because CO2 is super-heating the planet™. From Psalms, in The book of Mann: Apostle Hockey-Stick’s letter to the grant writers.

“And we will know the warming by the lack of it. And a great rising of taxes will consume the incomes of the people, and crash upon the shores of legislators lifting them up while everyone freezes.”

Climate Changes (it does!)

Okay, silliness aside, the climate changes all the time in New England. S0, surprise, another wave of arctic air is moving into the area known as North America. We’ll have some very cold nights. Below normal for this time of year. And it’s an opportunity to remind you that because cold can no longer contradict global warming theory it won’t stop the Climate Cult from making the act of getting warm when it is cold more difficult and more expensive.

In just the past few days Democrats in New Hampshire have advanced several ideas that would make heating and electricity a good deal more expensive (motor fuel too).

They also continue to block improvements that would make heating and electricity more accessible, reliable, and affordable.

They are serious about making your New England winters miserable and potentially deadly. And they don’t care. They are blinded by their ideology to the very real risks a solar minimum present to us here in the North East. And I don’t think they care.

It is, after all, one of their narratives that there are too many people on the planet.

Freezing a few folks to death in the name of expensive green energy ill-equipped to meet our needs is a price they are willing to make you pay.

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