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NH Dems Raise Taxes to Save the Planet? Same Government Can’t Teach Kids Remedial Math

Ottmar Endenhofer - Climate Polic is about economics

New Hampshire Democrats are proposing a new scheme to steal 800 million dollars from Granite Staters (annually) under the banner of climate change. It will change “the climate.” The economic climate, oh, and your lifestyle, but it will have zero impact on the planet.

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Not that it would or could. The idea that the Democrats or government could do anything to ‘save’ it is absurd. They get from ten to twenty-thousand dollars per year per student (or more), and they can’t even teach remedial math and English to children.

After forty-years and trillions of dollars fighting the endless war on poverty – poverty is the same.

Everywhere the left imposes their “common-sense gun laws” (disarming people) in the interest of public safety, violent crime goes up – people are less safe.

Save the planet. As if.

So, this latest scheme is nothing more than a cash grab. What scheme? HB735.

House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement following the party line vote in the House Science, Technology & Energy committee on HB735, relative to carbon pricing. The bill would establish a tax on carbon emissions that would gradually increase over 4 years, resulting in up to $800 million per year in costs to New Hampshire consumers, businesses, and municipalities.

That’s 800 million by 2023 and every year after that. 

Here’s the binding language from the bill leading to our collective economic ruin.

Every applicable entity shall pay, in a manner determined in rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A by the commissioner of revenue administration, a fee to the department on any carbon-based fuel sold, used, or entered into the state by such applicable entity for purposes of distribution or use within the state.

You can search the site for relevant articles debunking every claim from the left about the threat this massive cash grab is supposed to help mitigate. I won’t repeat it all here. It is as much an act of fraud as the notion that if we gave the government any sum of money, they could do anything but waste it after taking a processing and handling fee.

Democrats are crooks, criminals, and liars.

No amount of money can suddenly make anything the Democrats promise come true. Because nothing they promise is the goal. The endgame is to deny you the resources and the will to question their motives or to challenge their authority.

HB735 is an Economic Climate Change Bill designed to keep the state economy from getting hotter. Chilling it, is a better description.

And the only lie bigger than scaring people into thinking they are destroying the planet is claiming that with enough money, Democrats and the government can save it.  We need to stand up and oppose it with every breath we have.

Assuming you’re not asthmatic. The left is coming after your inhalers. I guess they’re destroying the planet.

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