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That Gas Tax Voodoo That They Do…

New Gas Tax

Ask a Democrat about highway infrastructure. You get an eye-roll and maybe some chatter about out of date funding mechanisms. We need to raise that gas tax. Fix our crumbling roads and bridges. But almost nobody likes gas taxes, so what do you do?

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New Hampshire Climate Crusader David ‘Rising’ Watters has proposed (and it could have been any of them) a gas tax. Not for roads and bridges. This one would be set by an unelected commission to help combat climate change through the Transportation Climate Initiative.

That means a change in the climate around your lifestyle. A sacrifice they are willing to force you to make to address that crumbling infrastructure™ problem. Which is a government spending abuse problem (shhh). A tax that will ultimately have nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with prying more of your money out of your pocket for needy budget line-items.

But when it comes to gas taxes, even Taxachusetts residents don’t like them.

A poll conducted for a labor-backed organization found that only 11 percent of voters supported adding 15 cents to the state’s gas tax, while 74 percent were opposed.

New Hampshire residents don’t like them either. So, politicians have this problem they’ve created through the gross misuse of other people’s money, too much overhead, and a bit of corruption. Roads need paving. Bridges need rebuilding. Taxes need raising. But people don’t like gas taxes. There’s no chance in hell they’ll find efficiency so, Wait one damn Al Gore Minute!

Let’s keep scaring the crap out of them about “climate chaos™” and “rising seas™” and pass that Transportation and Climate Initiative. Brilliant! (to borrow from the Guinness Guys).

A distant unelected commission sets that tax. They take the (climate) heat; we say we’re “saving the planet™” for “future generations™” and then milk the cow for all its worth.

Gotta save the planet!

As if the same government that loses billions every year, delivering first-class mail, can save the planet. It can’t. Not that it needs saving (unless you mean from them). Because that new “revenue™” won’t be paving too many roads or insulating windows.

But gas taxes will go up. As often and as quickly as it likes, to borrow a turn of phrase. And if you dare to complain about out-of-pocket costs, declining economies, lost jobs, or lower wages, they’ll sick the Climate Strike Death Cult clowns on you.

Denier! You hate children!

I must; I sent mine to Public school. That was a big mistake. And so is this. Never let the government tax you without being able to hold someone electorally accountable.