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Weekend Launch: Trump TV Ad Goes After Biden and Democrats on Ukraine

Trump Biden Ukraine Ad

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this. The Trump Campaign has a four-state ad buy ready to be released. This weekend. Targeting Joe Biden (and Democrats) on Ukraine.

This is presidential campaign politics. A Republican, under assault by the Left, taking the message to the people via campaign ads, in October. The year before the election.


The Trump campaign had already announced an $8 million national TV buy centered on impeachment and the Ukrainian matter. Of that total, slightly over $1 million will now be directed to the four early voting states, where Biden is locked in a competitive battle for the Democratic nomination.

This first ad not only quotes Biden about how he used a Billion Dollars in promised US aid to pressure Ukraine into firing the investigator looking into Burisma, which was paying Hunter $50K/month. They play the recording in which Biden admits it. It’s Joe Biden’s voiceover.

Team Trump gets to go after Biden. They get to needle Democrats who are ignoring Joe to investigate Trump as grounds for impeachment. And we can lump the media into this which has been partisan on the matter and still is.

Still. The goofy alphabets will not want to carry them. We can guess this because the Biden campaign is only threatening Fox News.

In a letter to Fox News and Fox Business general counsel Lily Claffee, Biden campaign manager Greg Schultz wrote that the ad “falsely states” that “Biden offered Ukraine $1 billion to fire the prosecutor investigating a company affiliated with his son.”

He offered to block one billion earmarked for Ukraine. He used his authority with the blessing of the Chief Executive to make a foreign nation end the employment of an investigator looking into corruption that could damage a Biden family member. They fired the guy to get the money.

The fact that is was taxpayer money, meaning it was not even Joe’s money, doesn’t make it better.

This ad buy is slated for the first four (early) primary states. But there’s another 7 million cued up. To target whom, we can ask? That depends on what House Democrats do with the mess into which they’ve stumbled. But if I had to guess, there are a few aimed at Liz Warren.

We look forward to what can only be described as “must-see TV.”


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