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New York Goes Full San Fran. Never Go Full San Fran

Earlier this year, San Francisco banned the used of the word ‘felon’, among other terms in order to make “everyone” feel “better.”  Now, New York City is following suit, according to the New York Post.

Not that long ago, New York City banned the term “illegal alien” and promised to fine violators up to $250,000.  They’re following that up with a ban on Correctional Officers use of the term ‘perp.’



  1. the perpetrator of a crime.
    “he steps into a pothole chasing a perp down a dark street”


At this rate, you won’t be able to use any of the english language.  Well, you’ll be a criminal for doing so at least, or may find yourself out of your job.  At least if you get jailed for misgendering someone you’ll have a nicer stay!

This all comes as part of the City’s new plan to make jails into “national models” according to DOC Deputy Commissioner Thorne.

Jenning’s order is addressed in a proposed “bill of rights” for local prisoners drafted by Manhattan Councilman Keith Powers, which was introduced earlier this month.

Besides being called by preferred names, inmates under this proposed law would also be guaranteed fancier digs behind bars, including giving them 24-hour “call buttons” to summon guards, kitchenettes and windows with sunny views — amid lots of ceramic and fabric.

|New York Post

All of this of course is coming soon to a city or state near you.  Actual criminals will be treated “better”, all the while you’ll be made into a criminal because you own a firearm or refuse to hire an illegal alien.  Used to be hiring an illegal alien was the crime, not using the verbiage.  And, the Government used to protect your (real) rights instead of trampling on them.  For clarification, you have zero right to make other people use language you prefer, or to make them a criminal for not following suit.

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They’re coming for your guns.  They’re coming for your language.  They’re coming for your religion.  It is up to you to stop them, by voting every one of these lunatics out of office and never letting them near one again.