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NYC Bans Words, Landlords Lose More Rights

Another bastion of liberalism leftism has decided to infringe on your first amendment rights and your property rights, shockingly, under the guise of Civil Rights.  The new guidance from the Civil Rights Commission in New York City mandates landlords to rent, sell, or lease to illegal aliens.

Whoops, can’t say “illegal aliens.”  That’s outlawed too.

NEW YORK –The NYC Commission on Human Rights released today new legal enforcement guidance that defines discrimination on the basis of perceived or actual immigration status and national origin under the New York City Human Rights Law in public accommodations, employment, and housing. The guidance states that the use of the term “illegal alien,” among others, when used with intent to demean, humiliate, or harass a person, is illegal under the law.


The Commission is “currently investigating 4 cases of discrimination based on threats to call ICE.” Huh.

Landlords in NYC have been under assault for a long time from the Government.  Rent control is a prime example of this overreach, which the State has taken to the next level and implemented state-wide.  Now, they will be forced to rent to illegal aliens undocumented immigrants. Darn, did it again.

• It is illegal for landlords or other housing providers to refuse to sell, rent, or lease housing—or to do so with different terms, conditions, or privileges—because of someone’s immigration status or national origin.


Our immigration system is far from perfect, and we definitely should encourage and promote immigration to the United States.  There are millions of unfilled jobs in America, and there are millions of immigrants who want to immigrate.  An influx of legal immigrants is great for our society, our economy, and our country.  But, Big Government forcing you to do things with your property is absurd.  Furthermore, government banning “hate speech” is even more absurd, and unconstitutional to boot.  Shh, don’t tell San Francisco.  Cities like NYC and San Fran are more concerned with the feelings of immigrants, legal or not, and felons, than they are with the drug problem or cleaning up their poop maps.

There is stuff in the Commission’s guidance that actually does make sense, like banning employers from paying less wages or even no wages due to immigration status, but slavery is already against the law – and so is hiring illegal aliens.

It is illegal for employers to pay workers lower wages or no wages or threaten to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to harass, scare, or intimidate workers because of their immigration status.

Fines of up to $250,000 can be assessed for each act of willful discrimination, and damages are available to complainants.

So, bravo New York City.  Protecting the masses from “hate speech.”  Thank Heavens.